We are all equal/different but some think they are more equal/different than others?! #KnowThyself 

10+ Best Free Personality Type Tests to Enhance Anyone’s Love/Life/Work…

Who are we, what do we want, when do we want it, why do we want it…

Question: What is the use of personality tests and how can we make the most of everyone’s different personality types? (Just thought it would be best to share these links/lists as they might benefit others as they have helped me)

Is making the most of everyone’s life as simple as the ABC…XYZ of life skills…
A. learn about the different personality/learning styles that everyone has.
B. Accept and concentrate on using your skills in the most beneficial ways (as this is the best way to help the most people).
C. Share everything openly so it benefits everyone selflessly (which benefits the selfish too).
D. Love everyone for who they are as we are all learning to survive/thrive on the journey though life into our future.
E. Prevent problems by laughing at everything especially yourself and selfish people as this is a great fun/safe way to help the selfish ego learn that life is about enjoying the moment by helping others rather than trying to achieve endless selfish goals.
F. IMPORTANTLY only giving attention to those that do selfless good things so the selfish negative people are ignored and learn through this action in the same way that a naughty child learns as they grow up to become a responsible adult. EG share good news stories as this brightens everyones day and inspires us all to copy/share/enhance good things.
G. Other things that we will all learn over the next 1/2/5/9/20 years… as we all know almost nothing compared to what the future holds (look positively forward into the greater future that we are all going towards)!

Do you recognize these people? Which one are you most like? How best to help everyone enhance how they act so we all benefit everyone the most? EG Selflessly sharing everything and paying everything forward…

As the web links everyone this will enable everyone to collaborate to solve any/all problems in new and proven open ways. How best to help everyone do this even more? Is the best way to help everyone make the most of their talents and skills by learning about their personality types and how this effects their learning styles and career/working styles? http://webiversity.magnify.net/video/Amy-Cuddy-Power-Poses

Also… As startups enable machines to do many/most jobs and create wealth for a few, how best to help make the most of new technology to benefit everyone? EG helping everyone learn to create open startups that benefit everyone by opening up all knowledge/resources/collaboration in a new collaborative and sharing economy by enhancing http://www.wikimedia.org & http://www.mozilla.org & http://www.webiversity.magnify.net/video/Sir-Tim-Berners-Lee-The-next-We

10+ Free Personality Type Tests

A. The Simpsons personality test?! How can people with different learning styles or mental health types learn about their capabilities so they can climb up the triangle of Mazlow’s Hierarchy of needs? EG are you more like Homer Simpson or Kermit the Frog or Miss Piggy and how could they learn about how their mind works and how to make the most of it through infographics… http://www.slideshare.net/lntrullin/the-simpsons-myersbriggs-test

B. What is your dating personality type (Great for seeing how you interact with everyone you meet in life!)? What are the best ways to deal with ignorant selfish people who try to compete & pull others down… EG by walking away and taking attention away from negative people just like you would do with a naughty child so they learn peacefully.

C. What is your career personality type test & poster (easy way to find your personality type in seconds). What are the best ways to solve most/all mental health problems as they probably cause all problems in society/relationships… EG help the 1% that are psychopaths, sociopaths… or 1 in 4 that get clinical depression learn how to manage and make the most of the conditions!?http://www.best-infographics.com/whats-your-career-personality-type/

D. What is your office/home personality type (see how this hinders or helps you and your colleagues)? How best to help everyone learn to imporve their work/life style so everyone interacts in more selfless positive and open ways? Print and stick this to the office fridge to see how work colleagues react…http://visual.ly/13-personality-types-every-office

E. What type of procrastinator are you infographic (because we all could do even more as less is more!)? What are the best ways to solve the most important problems for everyone EG sharing everything by paying it forward…?

F. The best career for your personality type (and the best work space/structure/team)? What are the most important jobs that need to be done to benefit everyone and how can the many different learning/personality types be used to do these?

G. What is your sleep personality type and how does sleep shape who you are (zzz)?! What other things do we all do right/wrong in life from working too hard to working on the wrong problems or not enabling everyone else to help everyone in the most effective ways?

H. What is your financial personality type (great for seeing what you need/want to be happy!)? How does finance/capitalism dictate how everyone lives and how best to help everyone break free from the cultural/financial constrains imposed on everyon from debt/morgage/saving/investing/tax…?

I. Which Muppet are you (You Muppet)? How can we all learn to laugh at ourselves and those that do selfish things so we all learn to enjoy every second of life and selflessly care for everyone just like parents are programmed by nature to do?

If you would like any more details or know of any programmers that would like to be paid to use open source software to set up new startups that will solve real world problems and run as charities then contact http://www.whymandesign.com as all problems can be solved this way right now!

Top 10+ techniques to enhance anyone’s day/life that can be printed and stuck on a fridge/wall/door (and help solve any/all problems EG by Paying it Forward;)

As humanity as progressed so far in the past/present becoming enlightened and ending; murder, theft, racism, sexism, homophobia, disability-ism… what will we all solve next? How about the emerging trend to become aware of and care for everyone no matter what their (often hidden or unaware) personality type, learning styles and mental health (as no one is perfect)?

Also… walking, jogging or running for 30 minutes every day http://visual.ly/your-brain-exercise

A. 7 Types of Social Sharers… sharing is caring as 40% share to help others and 26% share to help a friend… which means that we are all solving all problems just by sharing good things that help others EG life lessons… (which ways do you share every day and what does this say about you?) https://www.pinterest.com/pin/252131279109934021/

B. 7 Types of Management Styles… (which ways do you use to manage people you meet every day from your boss to beggar?)http://www.visualistan.com/2014/05/6-types-of-management-styles-infographic.html

C. What good is gratitude? Eg compared to greed… (as we all have all we need how best to remind ourselves every day?)http://sohp.com/happy-world-gratitude-day/

D. What is Mindfulness and Meditation and how can it benefit everyone in seconds? (How best to enjoy every second of life while sharing things to help everyone?) https://visual.ly/mindfulness

E. How to do Meditation and Mindfulness practically (it can take 30 seconds or longer and can be done anywhere from in a lift/toilet to on public transport)http://uk.businessinsider.com/mindfulness-meditation-howto-infographic-2015-5?r=US&IR=T

F. What is your personality type compared to celebrities? (what does this say about how you act and interact with other types of people)http://www.infographicspedia.com/iconic-males-famous-female-personalities-and-types-infographic/

G. 10 habits of successful and unsuccessful people that everyone does! (how best to remind everyone every day?)http://infographicaday.com/maryellen-tribby-the-success-indicator/

H. Are you left or right brain dominant and the different learning styles compared? (how best to help everyone make the most of their learning styles and how they connect with other ones in life?)http://www.onlinecollege.org/left-or-right-brain/

I. What are the different types of Learning disabilities and how to make the most of everyone’s different talents? (what are the best ways to make the most of the 7+ different learning styles and learning abilities that everyone has EG Dyslexia enhancing problem solving)http://elearninginfographics.com/learning-disabilities-infographic/

J. The Science of Mental Health & Mental Illness (one in four adults with a mental illness means we all know many people we can help every day) https://uk.pinterest.com/pin/420875527649243406/

K. Top Women’s mental health disorders compared to men… (what other gender and personality differences effect mental dis/ability and how we all interact every day?) https://www.pinterest.com/pin/296604325431564801/

L. 1 in 10 people will have MAJOR depression in their lifetime including many famous faces… (that is 600 Million worldwide not to mention the minor depression that must effect many more)https://www.pinterest.com/pin/296604325432071278/

M. There are many different pieces of mental health practical advice and cures but only a few a proven to work! (though the placebo effect works fur up to 10%!) http://www.bestpsychologydegrees.com/mental-disorders/

N. 11 ways the 1 in 10 Men and Women deal with Clinical Depression… (so everyone probably knows at least one person)https://stopstigmas.files.wordpress.com/2013/06/11-ways-men-and-women-deal-with-depression-differently-infographic.jpg?w=600

O. Stop the Stigma about Mental Health as it effects 1 in 4 people so indirectly effects everyone every day and the stigma negatively effects those one in four patients that are ill (would we do the same if someone broke a leg)?! http://visual.ly/stop-stigma-realities-mental-health

As the internet links up everyone it is enabling everyone to solve all problems starting now into the near future so everything is already and will get even greater:) https://whymandesign.wordpress.com/2015/03/24/are-we-the-future-but-not-as-we-know-it-openfuture/

Other good inforgraphics to enhance every day… https://whymandesign.wordpress.com/2015/02/25/5-infographics-to-brighten-any-daystartup-by-sharing-sticking-to-any-fridgescreenwall/

30 second to make the most of the supercomputer in your head?… https://whymandesign.wordpress.com/2015/06/26/30-seconds-to-enhancesave-a-life-and-make-the-most-of-the-supercomputer-in-your-head/

Do you want to enhance/change/save your world/life in 30 seconds and make the most of the supercomputer in your head?

What are the best free open techniques that everyone can use to enhance everyones lives?(Apologies for the list but points make it easier to skim read…)

As everyone is connected by mobile, is the best way to solve the worlds problems by helping everyone make the most of their brains as we all learn that being selfless benefits everyone most including ourselves? EG with Infographics and free education http://www.webiversity.org

Science says you have time for happiness! The fastest ways are to smile/laugh and do a random act of kindness like giving food to the poor…

4 Free ways to enhance any moment in life

A. Wake up inspired every day by writing a morning routine (and sticking it to your fridge/mirror) with fun exercises/dance to get your blood flowing and charitable acts that remind you to be humble EG pay it forward by buying everyone cheap/free drinks… https://whymandesign.wordpress.com/2014/05/10/10-ways-to-max-your-timelovelife-in-30-seconds-a-z-of-sharingiscaring-universityoflife-passitforward/

B. Turn any negative to positive by sharing it and Googling the solutions others have found so you can help at least 2 other people. We are all just tiny insignificant butterflies (or minions) in the grand scheme of life… So make sure your “butterfly effect” benefits everyone you meet. https://whymandesign.wordpress.com/2014/09/02/have-a-free-hug-on-me-10-free-ways-to-help-everyone-remember-to-pass-it-forward-at-least-twice-and-on-and-on-screw-it-just-do-it-make-lovepeace-not-warhate/

C. Turn any negative thought/experience into a positive one by laughing at it as that changes how the brain remembers things. You create real karma with the good/bad things you do because often people do even better things back to you in a positive feedback loop. https://whymandesign.wordpress.com/2014/08/06/free-techniques-to-solve-any-problem-right-now-so-you-have-fun-and-do-good-as-we-are-all-amazing-and-flawed-and-have-all-we-need-by-sharing-everything-responsibly/

D. Always watch and share comedy when having a high/low moment or good/bad day. Laugh at everything while solving the problem! https://whymandesign.wordpress.com/2015/03/24/are-we-the-future-but-not-as-we-know-it-openfuture/

What personality type are you? How best to make the most of all your friends/family/foes personality types?

1. Which celebrity are you most like and what personality type are you? http://www.dailyinfographic.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/FamousPersonalityTypes_524daae7b512e-640×4480.jpg

2. 16 Ideal Dating & Love Personality Types? Which one are you? http://designtaxi.com/news/369833/Infographic-Ideal-Dates-According-To-Personality-Types/

3. Personality types to watch out for at work/home/play? Which one are you? https://storify.com/socialstrategi/infographics/elements/3bbbe1734615fdaa84cf3fbe

4. How to support every personality type? Which one are you? http://churchm.ag/workplace-personality-types/

5. As 1 in 4 people have a mental health condition what types could everyone have (other than selfishness and ignorance which could be called mental health problems)? http://thepomegranatetree.ca/personality-types-prone-mental-health-conditions-2/

6. Types of Mental Illness and what stages in life people are most susceptible to them. http://magazine.good.is/infographics/infographic-facing-mental-illness

7. Share/Print of these infographics and stick on an a fridge or noticeboard so everyone can read/share them.

How best to deal with difficult people?

1. Help everyone learn about how they re/act by mirroring them and asking their questions/statements back to them so they become aware and learn to answer them themselves (or record them and play it back to them as we all perceive ourselves differently to how we are).

2. Always take a tea break when you or anyone feels they are overworked or stressed or rude to you/anyone as taking a few minutes break allows them to calmly express themselves and reflect on a solution.

3. Everyone you see is a friend that you have not yet had the pleasure of meeting yet.

4. Every enemy that you have is just a misunderstood friend

5. Walk away from confrontation or selfish people as it saves your precious time.

6. What are the best ways to help the selfish learn that they gain more by helping everyone as this has a long term knock on effect that benefits everyone (eg Good Karma effect)?

7. What are the best ways to help the one in four people or twenty five percent of the world’s population that have mental health issues recognise this and find the best ways to cope with and maximise their other talents?

8. What are the best ways to help the one percent of people (so everyone on the planet must know at least one) with psychopathic tendencies self diagnose this and find ways to help them maximise their brain while protecting others from their lack of empathy/compassion? EG the “Psycho Earlobe” effect of having earlobes that are joined to your head!

9. What are the best ways to help anyone enhance any organisation so that they benefit everyone most?
Is the best way to create your own free wiki page talking about the problem?

10. What are the best ways to help everyone learn about the truth about news and global problems that could snowball out of control? EG sharing health and climate change solutions such as eating more raw vegetables and divesting from coal powered power plants.

More free video/techniques to help inspire everyone every day… https://whymandesign.wordpress.com/2015/03/03/5-free-techniques-to-help-everyone-every-day/

If you would like more details or to collaborate on solving problems in new/proven ways contact http://www.whymandesign.com or via the facebook page https://www.facebook.com/crowdsourceorcrowdfundwithtraidmark

Now is the future… but not as we know it as everyone has all we need by sharing/mindfulness/psychology?

As everyone is different and everyday we can act/shape/invent our future how best to help everyone do this?

Can we solve all problems just by sharing everything openly…
A. Sharing free techniques that everyone can use on social media… http://www.openculture.com
B. Pay it forward squared where everyone can share anything at least two plus times so share everything scales infinitely? Eg Give free hugs to at least two people every day like the “huggy huggy lady” that has hugged hundreds every day for years?! http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-15769467 http://amma.org/
C. Share all books/knowledge free EG http://www.archive.org http://www.Trustlibrary.org

Cats verses Dogs?! Or Cat Owners verses Dog Owners and Fish Owners, Parents and Farmers (or just people that feed humans or wild animals to enhance their lives)!

What are the best analogies that can be used to learn about our minds/psychology…

As Shakespeare said “all the worlds a stage” so how best to help everyone act/live their dream while helping everyone?

Sharing open future predictions enables everyone to learn and share the benefits and the dangers as well as solutions to all our problems together plus enables us all to enhance/shape our immediate future EG by sharing everything which can solve all problems?! https://whymandesign.wordpress.com/2015/02/28/can-we-solve-all-problems-just-by-sharing-everything-2/

Almost every problem will be solved in the near future (as the internet links everyone and everything) so we should all be optimistic and “expect the best” but there will be many known knowns and unknown unknown dangers and even known unknowns such as most jobs being taken by robots or AI taking over the world (or just humans creating climate change that ends humanity)! How best to solve all problems eg by responsibly sharing everything with everyone so we all help each other in a cumulative sum gain? http://robertreich.org

1. Open Life
What are the best free techniques that everyone can share to enhance any life? EG share everything & love everyone while enjoying every second by doing things slowly? https://whymandesign.wordpress.com/2014/05/10/10-ways-to-max-your-timelovelife-in-30-seconds-a-z-of-sharingiscaring-universityoflife-passitforward/

2. Turning Problems into Solutions?
Is the best way to solve any problem to turn it on its head and share the solution with everyone? https://whymandesign.wordpress.com/2015/03/03/5-free-techniques-to-help-everyone-every-day/
How to be rich? Share everything… EG Pay It Forward by giving free books/music/video.
How to conquer/find/solve love? Love everyone… EG Enjoy helping others by helping them.
How to be healthier and live longer? Help others be healthier… EG Donate meals/water to the hungry.
How to be even happier? Help everyone be happier.. EG Give Free Hugs/Smiles.
How to expect the best (be optimistic)? Encourage the best in everyone else… EG Tell everyone one good thing about them.
How to plan for the worst (be skeptical)? Share dangers that could affect everyone… EG share predictions about the future and lessons from the past.
How best to help yourself/everyone? No one knows what the full potential of anyone tallents are or the full depths of anyones problems are so its best to share everything so everyone can help themselves by helping everyone? EG Share everything openly on social media responsibly!

3. Open Future
What are the best open infographics and timelines that show the positive and negative things that will happen in the near and far future? EG http://www.okfn.org https://whymandesign.wordpress.com/2015/02/28/can-we-solve-all-problems-just-by-sharing-everything-2/
As the best way to predict the future is to invent we can all see/share/shape which inventions can/will benefit everyone the most?
As the future is already here but not yet widely/evenly distributed we can share the existing techniques and technologies with everyone in free and open ways? EG http://holtz.org/Thoughts/

4. Open Techniques
What are the best techniques that everyone can share/improve to enhance every part of life? EG http://www.lifehacker.com https://whymandesign.wordpress.com/2014/03/24/what-can-we-learn-from-the-webs-25th-birthday-about-life-the-universe-and-everything-and-human-psychology/

5. Open Technologies
What are the best open technologies that can help everyone the most right now? Eg http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Open-source_software https://whymandesign.wordpress.com/2015/01/28/10-best-charity-apps-20startup-ideas-that-matter-50-best-crowdfunding-platforms-to-help-everyone-fund-social-change/

6. Open Startup Handbook
How beset to enable everyone to crowdfund solutions to all problems so everyone is able to do what they love while benefiting everyone? EG http://diytoolkit.org/tools/business-model-canvas/
Free infographics to stick on your fridge that brighten everyones day https://whymandesign.wordpress.com/2015/02/25/5-infographics-to-brighten-any-daystartup-by-sharing-sticking-to-any-fridgescreenwall/

Get $1,000,000 Free to create any startup to solve any problem? https://whymandesign.wordpress.com/2014/12/19/get-give-1000000-free-for-christmas-and-every-other-noreligious-holiday-or-birthday/

7. Open Source & Creative Commons
Open Music http://www.ccmixter.org http://www.jamendo.org
Open Video/TV/Film/Books http://www.openculture.org http://www.archive.org

8. Open Everything Awards!

9. Open Future Timeline Infographics Awards!
As the best way to predict the future is to invent it… how best to help everyone see and help share our future in open responsible ways? Is the best way to open everything and enable everyone to comment and share everything so we all learn from each other… EG create an open wiki timeline of the past and future that everyone can see and add to?

A. The Extinction Timeline created jointly by What’s Next and Future Exploration Network

B. The Future According to Google Search Results (cartoon by xkcd showing what internet culture tells everyone will happen if we search on Google ) https://xkcd.com/887/

C. Envisioning Technology’sinfographic maps the future of emerging technologies on a loose timeline between now and 2040.

D. The RSA are looking at two types of futures in particular: cognition, and the role of the government. There are some good videos featuring lectures about the future in these areas. The RSA’s Journal (Summer ‘08) has a great timeline created – as stimulus rather than prediction – by Richard Watson.

E. Timeline of the Far Future!
First, the BBC brought you a prediction of the forthcoming year. Then the BBC brought you a timeline of the near future, revealing what could happen up to around 100 years time. But here’s the BBC’s most ambitious set of predictions yet – from what could happen in one thousand years time to one hundred quintillion years (that’s 100,000,000,000,000,000,000 years). There may be trouble ahead (and opportunity lol)…

F. BBC Tomorrows World Future Timeline
Future predictions ignoring the past cause danger as they miss learning the lessons from past mistakes as history has a habit of repeating itself. http://www.bbc.com/future/story/20130102-tomorrows-world

G. Timeline of Major Trends and Events by Peter Von Stackelberg. How to save artists/futurists like Futureswatch.org?!
Future predictions building on the past often miss out unexpected innovations/dangers but are a good way to build a base proven layer of predictions/cycles. http://www.Futureswatch.org http://www.datavis.ca/gallery/images/timelines/futureswatch-org.pdf

H. Timeline of Emerging Science and Technology by Richard Watson
Science and Technology predictions can be logical and interlinked but often miss the psychological, socialogical and political cause and effect of these. http://www.innovationexcellence.com/blog/2014/07/30/timeline-of-emerging-science-technology-an-interview-with-richard-watson/

I. Trends and technology timeline 2010+ by Whats Next
Trends and technology timelines can link up the flow of new technology/trends but often miss unexpected inventions or reinventions/reuse of existing technology. http://www.nowandnext.com/?action=misc&subaction=trend_map

More futurist prediction infographics! http://www.datavis.ca/gallery/timelines.php

How can any problem be solved by openly sharing anything?

What are the most important/useful free & open source techniques & technologies that can help everyone as the internet links everyone so we can all solve all problems by sharing everything responsibly?!

A. Share Everything including your Heart & Brain (love/volunteer/donate)?
What are the best ways to save everyone with/from the Internet (and other tools/techniques) by sharing everything? EG Is it as simple as sharing everyone http://www.Freecycle.org or does everyone have to learn/share how to enhance everything openly https://p2pu.org/en/groups/open-access-wikipedia-challenge

B. Link and support everyone so we all can help each other?
As the internet links everyone (and everything as software gives all objects artificial intelligence) it will inevitably enable us all to solve all problems due to the network effect (and by sharing even more existing knowledge with everyone).

So how best to help everyone collaborate to solve all problems in the fastest and most effective ways?

Is the best way to list the worlds problems so we can all solve them openly? EG http://www.globalissues.org &http://www.12-12-12.org & http://www.iawwai.com/ProblemsOfThisWorld.htm & http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Encyclopedia_of_World_Problems_and_Human_Potential

C. Free Techniques that can solve all problems at zero cost?!
What are the best open ways to solve the worlds problems right now? EG Creating your own http://www.Barcamp.org or http://www.up.co right now in any location for free or just give away everything for free like http://www.trustlibrary.org?

D. We have all we need (we just forget that we do)?
As the future is already hear but not yet widely distributed what is the best way to help everyone access the future in the most responsible open ways? EG Giving everyone free access to information such as http://www.internet.org and organising this in responsible ways http://www.wikimedia.org.

E. Sharing is Caring and helps everyone?!
Opening & sharing everything can solve all problems almost instantly as everyone helps everyone at no cost? What is the best way to help everyone automatically share everything (And add the most value)? EG http://www.freecycle.org http://www.bewelcome.org

F. Evolution & changing structures instantly & safely?!
How best to help all existing organisations continually innovate in open ways? EG Helping run http://www.barcamp.org & http://www.up.co in every city/company in the world so they evolve to serve everyone all the time…

As everything has always evolved at many different speeds in different directions how best to help everyone enhance human progress into the ever increasing dimension into infinity and beyond?! http://www.lifehack.org/articles/technology/open-source-life-how-the-open-movement-will-change-everything.html

G. Arguing, relationships, Dating, Management & Politics!
Every argument has at least two sides (like flipping a coin) and often more as nothing is as one sided as taking a selfie in your reflection in a mirror with its range of lights/filters/angles/interpretations… http://openpolitics.org.uk & https://okfn.org & http://www.opensocietyfoundations.org

H. What are the best techniques and technologies that benefit everyone?
Can we solve all problems just by sharing everything now so that everyone has all they need and can have fun solving all problems or should we do something better? https://whymandesign.wordpress.com/2014/04/29/20-ways-we-can-solve-all-problems-with-open-source-ideas-crowdfunding-everything-now/

I. What are the best and worst things that (we can make) happen?…
1. Known Knowns EG Science being used for open selfless good or closed selfish bad?
2. Known Unknowns EG Politics/Philosophy being used for open selfless good or closed selfish bad?
3. Unknown Knowns EG Psychology being used for open selfless good or closed selfish bad?
4. Unknown Unknowns EG The future, universe and everything being used for open selfless good or closed selfish bad?

The Future is Bright… The Future is better/open & here right now (if we want it to be)!

What will happen in the near future? The future is hear but not yet widely distributed! The best way to predict the future is to invent it…
Just because predicting is hard and often wrong does not mean we should not do it and in fact it is fundamental to shaping who/what/where humanity goes with the potential of our collective minds…

Below are just a few predictions of groundbreaking breakthroughs that will change the world year by year starting right now…

What will happen in 2015? http://www.futuretimeline.net/21stcentury/2015.htm#millennium
Biometric Scanners for online banking, the deadline for the Millennium Development Goals, the first self-regulating artificial heart plus the Large Hadron Collider maxes out and more!

Lithuania joins the Eurozone
The Eurasian Union is formed
The first solar aircraft to circumnavigate the globe
Expo 2015 is held in Milan, Italy
The Large Hadron Collider reaches its maximum operating power
The world’s first fully sustainable, zero-carbon, zero-waste city
The first self-regulating artificial heart
A new generation of hi-tech supercarriers
The United States and South Korea dissolve the Combined Forces Command
The first large-scale solar updraft towers are operational
Queen Elizabeth II is the longest reigning monarch in British history
Personal biometric scanners for online banking
DDR4 memory reaches the home PC market
Windows 10 is released by Microsoft
The Archival Disc format is launched
The Carteret Islands are abandoned
The New Horizons probe arrives at Pluto
The Dawn probe arrives at Ceres
The first advert on the Moon
Electric car ownership reaches 1 million worldwide
Trucks with emergency braking systems are mandatory in Europe
The deadline for the Millennium Development Goals

What will happen in 2016? http://www.futuretimeline.net/21stcentury/2016.htm#sunburn
Pills to prevent sunburn can reduce skin cancer and help plants survive in warmer climates plus space..space…space and more!

Completion of the Panama Canal expansion project
Microchipping of all dogs in England
Euro 2016 is held in France
Rio de Janeiro hosts the Olympic Games
The first manned flight of SpaceX’s Dragon V2
India’s first manned space flight
India launches its second unmanned lunar probe
The International Lunar Observatory begins operations
The first hotel in space
Balloon trips up to 20 miles high
InSight touches down on Mars
The Juno probe arrives at Jupiter
The world’s largest single-aperture telescope is completed in China
The mining industry is highly automated
Agricultural robots are appearing on farms
High-definition CCTV cameras are ubiquitous
OLED displays are in widespread use
Three-person babies
New drug delivery methods for brain-related conditions
A pill to prevent sunburn
Completion of the i5K project
China completes the largest environmental cleanup in its history
Polymer banknotes are introduced by the Bank of England
United States Presidential Election
The Gotthard Base Tunnel is completed
Launch of the Titanic II

What will happen in 2017? http://www.futuretimeline.net/21stcentury/2017.htm#transistor-size-timeline
The world’s first HIV vaccine is commercially available, BioCassava Plus receives regulatory approval, tooth regeneration is transforming dental care, implantable devices that monitor a range of health conditions and space… space…space and more!

The European Union has been expanded
Worsening crisis in Yemen
China establishes the largest megacity in the world
The world’s first kilometre-high skyscraper
A new tallest building for Los Angeles
The world’s first Floating Liquefied Natural Gas (FLNG) platform begins operations
The Nabucco gas pipeline is completed
India completes construction of the Dibang Dam
The M1A3 Abrams tank enters the battlefield
The remaining JFK files are released
Total solar eclipse in the US
China launches an unmanned sample return mission to the Moon
The first test flight of NASA’s Space Launch System
The first manned flight of the Dream Chaser
Launch of the Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS)
The Cheops satellite is deployed to study exoplanets
The world’s first lunar tourist
Sales of electric and hybrid trucks reach 100,000 annually
10 nanometre chips enter mass production
Web-connected video devices exceed the global population

Electronic paper is seeing widespread use
Traditional newspapers are becoming obsolete
Tooth regeneration is transforming dental care
Cosmetic surgery has doubled its market size
Wireless, implantable devices that monitor a range of health conditions in real time
The world’s first HIV vaccine is commercially available
A new treatment for prostate cancer
BioCassava Plus receives regulatory approval
The world’s largest mud volcano stops erupting

What will happen in 2018? http://www.futuretimeline.net/21stcentury/2018.htm#100000-genomes-project-2018
A drug to prevent obesity, Polio will be eradicated, universal flu vaccine, robots complete surgeries, robot insect drones in the military and space…space…space!

A missile defence shield is deployed in Europe
The first private supersonic jet
The African Central Bank is established
East Africa’s largest ever infrastructure project
Russia hosts the FIFA World Cup
The first manned flights from Russia’s new spaceport
The James Webb Space Telescope is launched
The Japanese Hayabusa-2 probe arrives at 1999 JU3
Completion of the 100,000 Genomes Project
Universal flu vaccine
Polio has been eradicated
A drug to prevent obesity
Crossrail opens in London
The City Circle Line opens in Copenhagen
The Transbay Transit Center is completed in San Francisco
Many complex surgeries are performed by robots
Robot insect drones are in military use
Ubiquitous internet nodes connect appliances, vehicles, etc.
Consumer devices with 100 Gbit/s transfer speeds
Portable, long-range 3D scanning
Scientists drill into Earth’s mantle
The Mackenzie Valley Pipeline is completed in Canada
The market for biofuels is experiencing a period of rapid growth
The last of Nigeria’s rainforests have been felled

What will happen in 2019? http://www.futuretimeline.net/21stcentury/2019.htm#china-jet

Bionic eyes with high resolution are commercially available, a vaccine to treat melanoma is produced, automated freight transport and space…space..space plus more!

China’s first high-tech stealth fighter enters service
A new generation of U.S. tanks
British troops leave Germany
The ExoMars rover touches down on Mars
The first manned outpost beyond the Moon begins assembly
The first mission to a gas giant using solar sail propulsion
The first prototype Stratobus is launched
Launch of the BIOMASS mission
Europe’s Galileo satellite navigation system is fully operational
Computers break the exaflop barrier
Bionic eyes with high resolution are commercially available
A vaccine to treat melanoma
Connected vehicle technology is being deployed in a number of countries
Automated freight transport
US copyright begins to expire, starting with all works from 1923
LEDs dominate the lighting industry
Jordan opens its first nuclear power plant
The East Side Access subway extension opens in New York
The Aral Sea disappears from the map

What will happen in 2020? http://www.futuretimeline.net/21stcentury/2020.htm#organs
Complex organ replacements grown from stem cells, a cure for malaria, progress with longevity extension (aging), generation X is reshaping global politics and space…space…space and more!

America’s power shift is destabilising the Asia-Pacific region
Generation X is reshaping global politics
Internet use reaches 5 billion worldwide
The 5G standard is released
Texting by thinking
Complex organ replacements grown from stem cells
The first stem cell therapy for congestive heart failure
A cure for malaria
Progress with longevity extension
Genetically engineered “super” bananas
Ultra High Definition Television (4320p) is common in homes
Holographic TV is going mainstream
Africa and the Middle East are linked by a trans-continental bridge
Tokyo hosts the Olympic Games
Hong Kong’s Mass Transit Railway (MTR) has been significantly expanded
The first self-sufficient, car-free city in mainland China
Completion of the Fehmarn Belt Fixed Link
The UK has expanded its offshore grid connections
Smart meters in every UK home
Public smoking is banned across every US state
Coal is banned in Beijing
Mercury pollution has been greatly reduced
Glacier National Park and other regions are becoming ice-free
Britain’s new aircraft carriers reach full operational capability
30,000 drones are patrolling the skies of America
Mars 2020 rover mission
BepiColombo arrives in orbit around Mercury
Video games with photo-realistic graphics
Expo 2020 is held in Dubai

What will happen in 2021? http://www.futuretimeline.net/21stcentury/2021.htm#thoughtcrime
Male birth control pills are entering the market, mind-reading technology is being deployed for security purposes, traditional microchips are reaching the limits of miniaturisation, there is a rapidly changing workforce and space…space…space plus more!

Greenland moves towards full independence
Global average temperatures have risen by 1°C
Water crisis in southwest USA
The world’s largest insect swarm re-emerges
Five-year survival rates for breast cancer are approaching 100%
Male birth control pills are entering the market
The world’s first artificial kidney
Mind reading technology is being deployed for security purposes
The first Arabian mission to Mars
The maiden flight of Ariane 6
Fully reusable, single-stage-to-orbit spacecraft
A rapidly changing workforce
Wireless electricity is reaching critical mass
Traditional microchips are reaching the limits of miniaturisation
Completion of the Shenzhen-Zhongshan Bridge

What will happen in 2022 onwards? http://www.futuretimeline.net/21stcentury/2020-2029.htm
What will happen in the twenty first century? http://www.futuretimeline.net/21stcentury/21stcentury.htm
What will happen in the twenty second century? http://www.futuretimeline.net/22ndcentury/22ndcentury.htm
What will happen in the twenty third century? http://www.futuretimeline.net/23rdcentury/23rdcentury.htm

Open Futurist & Future predictions Awards 2015… http://www.wfs.org/content/futurist-year-award-nominations-now-open
What are the best futurist predictions about the future and by who?
A. http://www.Futuretimeline.net create specific details about the near future
B. http://www.Nowandnext.com create linked maps about how future developments are interlinked
C. http://www.Futureswatch.org create charts showing the interlinked lifecycles of everything. http://www.datavis.ca/gallery/images/timelines/futureswatch-org.pdf
D. http://www.wfs.org/forecasts25/ have been sharing futurism and predictions since 1966 (only 900 years after the battle of hastings)

As the internet enables anyone to learn anything in any location for free how best to help everyone do this?

Is the best way to help everyone print/share free technique/infographics posters so they can remind themselves every day?

Looking on life as having a glass half full or half empty?
A. Is your glass half full or half empty? Anyone can think either way but by thinking half full you make yourself happier.
B. It doesn’t matter if the glass is half empty or half full? Be grateful that you have a glass, and there is something in it!
C. If your glass is half full or half empty find someone else so you can share a full glass with them.
D. If your glass is half full/empty maybe you are lucky as you have an extra large glass?
E. If your glass is half full/empty and you give a tiny bit of what you have with someone that has nothing/less then you both feel even better!
F. If you manage to fill your glass to the top what will you do with the extra that you have? Why not overflow so you share what you have with everyone?
G. What if it is all a dream and you can do anything you like?!

What are the best ways to solve any & all problems?
Is the best way to remind everyone to care for everyone every day?! EG with free video http://www.webiversity.org
How about by sharing everything openly so we all can collaborate on solving all problems right now?

How best to help everyone overcome and turn negative/bad/vice into positive/good/virtue?
How to help positive memes scale and prevent negative memes damaging everyone?
EG Free Love, Free Hugs & Pass/Pay it forward… http://payitforwardday.com

How best to help share and enhance positive memes?
EG Keep Calm and Carry On Remixing… http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Keep_Calm_and_Carry_On

How best to use comedy to help everyone laugh at everything?
EG “You have two cows” comedy wiki list… http://rationalwiki.org/wiki/Fun:You_have_two_cows

Open Source & Not for Profit startup/barcamp/openhack labs..
All individuals, charities and not for profits plus social enterprise, community interest companies and responsible business can collaborate on open techniques and technologies that benefit everyone.

How best to help anyone self fund open locations to collaborate on the best solutions to problems that effect everyone?
What are the best ways to help anyone create their own hack for good and to collaborate/integrate with others in sustainable and responsible ways?

EG How best to help open source & not for profit organisations collaborate on creating open startup labs? EG http://www.wikimedia.org with http://www.mozilla.org & http://www.startupweekend.org & http://www.wikirate.org

Open Hack awards for good (in no particular order)
What are the best ways to help enhance any organisation by enabling them to automatically collaborate on solving all problems with open source solutions?

Open Source Collaboration awards…
What are the best free and open source and/or not for profit organisations and how best to help them collaborate to benefit everyone? Is the best way to use open source wiki’s that everyone is allowed to enhance all the time (even better than Wikipedia)?
1. http://www.flossfoundations.org/foundation-directory
2. http://www.crowdsourcing.org/directory
3. http://www.wikimatrix.org
4. http://www.p2pfoundation.net/
5. http://www.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_free_and_open-source_software_packages

Charity owned (social enterprise) companies awards!
What are the most innovative organisations owned by charities and how best to help enhance them (EG by collaborating on open source innovations that benefit everyone)? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Social_enterprise
A. http://www.Mozilla.org
B. http://www.Wikimedia.org
C. http://www.Tata.org
D. http://www.Ikea.org
E. http://www.NewmansOwn.com

Best Prizes & Awards in the world!
What are the best Prizes and Awards in the world and how best to enable everyone to enhance them (EG using open source software to add value to them)?

What are the simplest proven ways to solve any/all problems?
What are the best ways to help anyone create a startup to solve any problem? Is the best way to help everyone responsibly crowdfund innovation that solves all problems? EG If you run your org as a not for profit then you can partner with Wikipedia and Mozilla and you save lives with every pound of profit (and you get richer with the enhance performance pay)?

If you would like any more details or help enhancing any product or service please contact http://www.whymandesign.wordpress.com

5+ Infographics that anyone can share on social media and stick on a fridge/screen/wall at work/home to brighten anyones day…

A. How everyone can be (even more) successful?

What are the best ways to be successful?

B. How everyone can be happy/happier?

What are the best ways to be happy?

C. How everyone can learn to be/stay positive?

What are the best ways to stay positive?

D. What stage is everyone on Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs?

What do we all need and how high have we climbed up Maslow’s hierarchy of needs?
Which stage do most people in different stages of life get stuck in from survival (disaster/baby) to security (emerging) to belonging (developed) then importance (succeeding) and finally self actualization(mentoring)?

E. Discover your workplace personality type & how they benefit/need/support each other?

Imagine if everyone discovered what they personality type was and how they all complement each other…

What personalty type are you? Full list of the different personality types can be found at

F. Diagnose different Personality types (and different positive/negative mental conditions!)?

Imagine is everyone could discover their personality types and the positive/negative features that everyone has…

G. Discover your personality type using the Myers Briggs Type Indicator?

How best to help everyone discover their personality types so they can make the most of it to help everyone?

Who creates the best infographics?

2014-2015 Infographics Awards!
The best infographics creators in the world are…

A. http://www.fundersandfounders.com
B. http://www.pinfographics.org
C. http://www.informationisbeautiful.net

What are the most important tech startup ideas that matter (and most important things to work towards in life)?

As 95% (yes ninety five percent) of startups fail, how best to help everyone concentrate on the five percent that succeed (and more importantly on the ideas that matter or have a positive impact)?

What is the best way to solve the worlds main problems that effect everyone?
Collaborating on open source software enable us all to help solve any problem at almost no cost.

What are the best charity apps that raise funds for charity?

Top 10+ charity apps that support charity…

1. Budge Budge is a great way to challenge anyone for charity.

2. Charity Miles This free app allows you to earn donations when jogging so you save lives while getting fit.

3. VolunteerMatch The VolunteerMatch app lets you search volunteer opportunities by your location.

4. My Life as a Refugee (UNHCR) The My Life as a Refugee app provides insight into the experiences these refugees face.

5. Donate A Photo Share any photo you like on the Donate a Photo app, and you will be rewarded with a $1 donation to the charity you select.

6. Check-in for Good Check-in for Good lets businesses offer a $1 donation every time you “check-in” using the GPS location of your smartphone.

7. Instead The Instead app suggests small changes to your daily routine.

8. Save the Children Earthquake Response Save The Children created the Earthquake Response app to give players a glimpse into the experience of disaster response.

9. JustGive Browse or search listed charities and make a donation quickly and easily.

10. DonorReminder With the DonorReminder App, you can track your blood donations to stay on top of your commitment and keep track of when it is time to donate again.

11. One Today app The One Today app is created by Google and highlights a new charity every day and gives its users the choice to support that charity by making a $1 donation.

What are the best crowdfunding platforms for social change?

web | twitter | facebook | github

Goteo is an open source platform for crowdfunding the commons. Their code and all the projects listed on the site are ’100% Open’.

web | wiki | twitter | facebook | github

Another open source platform, Akvo is primarily for Water and Sanitation projects. There is the accompanying wiki Akvopedia plus lots of useful code.

web | twitter | facebook | github

Catarse is the world’s first fully-fledged open source crowdfunding platform.

We The Trees
web | facebook

WeTheTrees is an open source platform for crowdfunding Permaculture projects.

web | twitter | facebook

Credibles is amazing because it elegantly combines three wonderful things: Crowdfunding, Community Currency and Food.

The Trillion Fund

web | twitter | facebook

The Trillion Fund is a crowdfuding platform for renewable energy projects.

web | twitter | facebook

Microgenius simplifies and enables one of the most intelligent responses to climate, energy and economy uncertainty there is.

Abundance Generation
web | twitter | facebook

Abundance Generation makes investing in UK renewable energy projects really affordable.

web | twitter | facebook

Buzzbnk was the first crowdfunding platform in the UK specifically for Social Enterprises and other Social Ventures and is itself a Social Enterprise, backed and owned 63% by leading charities and foundations.

People Fund it
web | twitter | facebook | github

Peoplefund.it claims to be the biggest in the UK (although some would say that accolade belongs to Sponsume and now Kickstarter is in the UK too).

web | twitter | facebook

Spacehive is the world’s first funding platform for neighbourhood improvement projects.

web | twitter | facebook

Flattr describes itself as “the worlds first social micro-payment system”.

web | twitter | facebook

Unglue.it convince great authors to look beyond restrictive copyright rules and update their business models for the networked digital age. They unglued one book. Amazon shut them down. Now they’re back!

web | twitter | facebook

ioby describes itselt as the crowd-resourcing website that helps bring your environmental ideas to life, block by block.

Loud Sauce
web | twitter | facebook

LoudSauce is the first crowdfunded media buying platform that help groups of people spread ads they believe in out to mainstream channels like billboards, TV and bus shelters.


web | twitter | facebook

Zidisha is “The Online Micro-Loan Platform that Kiva Wants to Be Like“. It was was the first peer-to-peer microlending service to offer direct interaction between lenders and borrowers across the international wealth divide.

The Awesome Foundation
web | twitter | facebook

The Awesome Foundation award $1,000 grants every month.

Gen Community
web | twitter

Gen Community, itself cooperatively-owned, is quite similar to the Microgenius community shares platform. They too offer the opportunity to invest in community shares in renewable energy co-ops, but rather than being a platform for other projects they organise all the projects themselves.

Shared Interest
web | twitter | facebook

Shared Interest is a co-op that lends to fair trade organisations.

Spot US
web | twitter | facebook | github

Spot.Us is an open source project to pioneer community powered reporting.

Cloud Funded
web | twitter | facebook

Crowdfunding for Main Street. CloudFunded is a finance platform for local and sustainable business you know and trust.

Local Stake
web | twitter | facebook

Localstake is a locally focused crowdfunding marketplace that connects businesses looking for capital with local investors.

web | twitter | facebook

Citizinvestor allows municipalities to post projects which citizens can then contribute towards. It also enables citizens to start petitions.

web | twitter | facebook

Neighbor.ly is designed to accept projects only from local governmental and civic-natured entities.


Kiva is the biggest online microfinance platform. Kiva Zip is a new project that works just like Zidisha.

Start Some Good
web | twitter | facebook

StartSomeGood connects social entrepreneurs with people who want to help.

web | twitter | facebook

Similar to StartSomeGood, Inpact.me is a Latin American crowdfunding site supporting social entrepreneurs in Chile and beyond.

Sun Founder
web | twitter | facebook

SunFunder is a crowdfunding platform connecting investors to high-impact solar projects in off-grid communities around the world.

Solar Mosaic
web | twitter | facebook

Solar Mosaic was one of the first renewable energy crowdfunding platforms and successfully raised funds for a few solar projects before entering into “a quiet period”.

Solar Schools

Solar Schools is a UK 10:10 project that help schools crowdfund for a solar roof.

Self Starter
web | github

Selfstarter.us is an open source ‘roll your own crowdfunding’ platform by the guys at Lockitron, who created it after they were turned down by Kickstarter.

Rocket Hub
web | twitter | facebook

Rocket Hub isn’t specifically for social change projects, but it does play host to the #SciFund Challenge:

i AM scientist
web | twitter | facebook

iAMscientist is a crowdfunding platform for science.

web | twitter | facebook

Another crowdfunding platform for science, Petridish is “a new way to fund science and explore the world with renowned researchers”.

web | twitter | facebook

Microryza is “an online platform that lets you discover new research, support the research you think is important, and then connect with scientists.

web | twitter | facebook

WATSI enables you to directly fund low-cost, high-impact medical treatments for people in need.

web | twitter | facebook

Catapult is a crowdfunding platform connecting people with projects that advance the lives of girls and women worldwide.


web | twitter | facebook

ethex isn’t live yet, but they want to make truly ethical investments open to everyone, become the 1st not-for-profit stockbroker, support social businesses and unit ethical investors.

Social Stock Exchange

“Connecting capital markets to social ventures”, the Social Stock Exchange‘s goals are very similar to ethex.


energybank vision is “for a Europe-wide market in energy-bonds, backed by renewable assets and owned by the people and businesses that use them”.

What are the best crowdfunding startups from around the world?

50+ of the best crowdfunding platforms from around the world compared.

What are the main mistakes that make startups fail?

What are the best ways to save any startup from these failures so that they can serve everyone the most?

What is the best gift that you can give anyone (or a gift that you can give to someone in the one percent that has everything)?

What is the best present in the world that money can buy or that you could get/give?
Is this the second/best gift in the world (after love & health…)?!

Congratulations you (and everyone else) have won a prize for sharing great things that help others!

Of course you have won because you have always been a winner! What amazing things will you do with the gifts that you have gained in life (your talent/contacts/skill…) and the way the internet enables anyone to contact and collaborate with anyone on the planet?

1. Below are up to one million dollars of free Christmas gifts that you can pass it forward (or pay it forward) to help everyone?! Also have you tried passing forward free hugs and smiling at strangers this week as it makes you (and them) feel good every day for free!

2. What other ways are there that we can solve all problems right now as the internet connects everyone on the planet (almost) which enables us to do this and even more?! http://webiversity.magnify.net/video/Michio-Kaku-Are-We-Ready-For-th

A. What about creating, giving and sharing as much legally free and creative commons music/content as you can handle?! https://archive.org & http://www.jamendo.com

B. What about helping everyone give & get free love?!

C. How about helping everyone learn to make the most of their life in 30 seconds!?

D. What are the best ways to solve the worlds most important problems?

E. How best to help everyone crowdfund solutions to solve all problems?

F. What about helping everyone share the best life lessons we all have so we all learn to master our life/minds as every second of life can be amazing just by remembering to do this?!

3. What is your ideal life dream, who do you want to help by doing it and how can I help you? Every product/service can be enhance in many ways with proven innovative design enhancements that are not yet being used (eg auto video/content sharing…) Contact http://www.whymandesign.com

4. What are the best ways for programmers to find the best open source software to use/enhance while making charity / not for profit run tech startups eg http://www.webiversity.org? If you know of anyone interested in this then please contact http://www.whymandesign.com/

5. What are the best ways to help anyone/everyone collaborate on charity run open source tech startup space/hubs as this would enable anyone to solve every problem #Yeswecan? Invent free jobs to crowdfund everything.

Do you want to know how to become a millionaire?
How much money/wealth do you need to be rich enough to do what you love?
What would you do if you had enough money to do what you love?
Well congratulations now you can become a millionaire (in discounts)!

Give & get up to $1,000,000 in free discount deals from http://www.f6s.com/deals

Startup Weekend are giving away even more free money discounts https://startupweekend.rewardli.com

Who are you going to pass it forward on to?

As they say education is the key to… wealth/happiness why not have access to over one thousand courses from top universities! http://www.openculture.com/freeonlinecourses

Also have you tried lending money to social enterprise that solves charity problems in sustainable ways so you money can help people over and over again? Kiva Zip can help anyone do this. https://zip.kiva.org/blogs

To tempt you to read further here are $100 of free event ticketing funds from Eventbrite for everyone! https://www.eventbrite.com/o/template/124372

The Open Everything Awards

5 Introduction Questions

A. How can we help anyone learn to open up and help everyone solve all problems?!
EG by enabling everyone to automatically copy, learn and create new content building on what everyone has already created openly by enhancing Wikipedia/Mozilla with new open source software… Anthony Robins explains more in this TED talk http://webiversity.magnify. net/video/Por-qu-hacemos-lo-que-hacemos

B. How can we open everything to solve all humanities problems effectively?
Opening everything will make everything accountable and enable everyone to learn to selflessly collaborate as this benefits everyone the most… http://www.whymandesign.wordpress.com/2014/01/29/helpall-invent-open-os-orgs-to-crowdsource-crowdfund-solutions-nfp-socent-gov-tedx-rhok-tata-mozilla/

C. What are the best ways to open up everything so everyone can collaborate selflessly?
Is the best way to enable everyone to interact with a safe p2p version of social media or their own version of the web?… EG using p2p software such as http://www.getmiro.com

D. How best to help anyone learn more and become able to contribute to the global knowledge bank as easily as possible?
EG Is the best way to auto aggregate content/video/comments on Wikipedia?… EG http://webiversity.magnify.net/video/Ken-Robinson-nvmntul-se-afl-ntr;search%3Amind

E. What are the best ways to help scale free open ideas that benefit everyone? Eg is the best way to automatically link up all content on the web so it becomes more organised/accessible? https://www.ted.com/topics/open-source

The Open Everything Awards
(The open awards are for everyone that creates and shares anything openly)

The Individual Open Award
Congratulations! You have won this award if you create and/or share things openly with everyone.
Your prize is to feel good every by sharing even more things openly. If you need more why not watch http://www.ted.com and http://www.webiversity.org to get some free open inspiration.

Sharing Open Source Software Award
Open Source alternatives to most PC/Windows software http://www.osalt.com
Open Source alternatives to most Apple Mac software http://www.opensourcemac.org

Open Source Startups Award
How best to help make all startups selflessly open so that they benefit everyone the most? http://whymandesign.wordpress.com/2014/01/29/helpall-invent-open-os-orgs-to-crowdsource-crowdfund-solutions-nfp-socent-gov-tedx-rhok-tata-mozilla/

List of Open Source startups at http://www.crunchbase.com/category/open-source/eb80816d769eb2dce9b4b6399e8c498e?utm_source=tc_river&utm_medium=export

Open Crowdfunding Award
How best to help enhance all crowdfunding so that it openly benefits everyone more effectively http://www.whymandesign.wordpress.com/2013/09/04/compare-help-the-50-best-crowdfunding-crowdsourcing-organisations-helpall-eg-openlife-webiversity-nfp-socent-gov-tedx-rhok-2/

Open Living
Open Food http://www.openfoodfacts.org & http://www.openfoodfoundation.org & http://www.openfoodnetwork.org
Open Drink http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Open-source_cola
Open Health http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_open-source_healthcare_software
Open Education http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Open_Source_Learning
Open Mind http://whymandesign.wordpress.com/2014/07/25/please-accept-this-open-lovelifework-letter-from-anuone-to-everyone-as-we-are-all-amazing-and-flawed-and-are-all-we-need/
Open Love http://tinybuddha.com/blog/how-to-open-yourself-to-love-when-you-didn%E2%80%99t-grow-up-with-it/

Open Society
Open Source Ecology http://www.opensourceecology.org
Open Voting https://vote.heliosvoting.org
Open Democracy http://www.opendemocracy.net
Open News http://www.opennews.org & http://en.wikinews.org
Open Money http://p2pfoundation.net/Open_Money
Open Banking http://www.openbankproject.com/
Open Lending https://zip.kiva.org

Open Communications
Open Web http://www.webfoundation.org
Open Data http://www.theodi.org
Open Web browser & more http://www.mozilla.org
Open Encyclopedia http://www.wikipedia.org
Open Cource & Creative Commons Content http://search.creativecommons.org
Open Music http://www.jamendo.com
Open Knowledge http://blog.okfn.org
Open Media http://www.openculture.com & http://www.archive.org/details/ourmedia
Open Email http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison_of_mail_servers
Open Search http://www.opensearchserver.com & http://www.elasticsearch.org
Open Maps http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/OpenStreetMap
Open Social (Media) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/OpenSocial

& http://www.joindiaspora.com
Open Source Software http://www.wikipedia.org/wiki/Open_source
Open Source Hardware http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Open_source_hardware
Open Source Mobile apps http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_free_and_open-source_Android_applications
Open Source Games http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_open-source_video_games

Open Organisations
Open Corporates http://www.opencorporates.com & http://www.wikirate.org
Open Charities http://www.opencharities.org
Open Government http://www.openlylocal.com
Open Society http://www.opensocietyfoundations.org/about
Open Spending http://www.openspending.org
Open Law http://www.ifosslawbook.org/uk/
Open Contracts http://www.docracy.com

Open Science/Nature
Open Science http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Open_science
Open Ocean http://www.marinebio.org/oceans/
Open air http://www.openair-project.org
Open Genetics http://www.openwetware.org
Open conservation http://cmp-openstandards.org & http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Svalbard_Global_Seed_Vault
Open Animals (zoo) http://www.explore.org

Open Space/Habitat
Open Architecture http://www.openarchitecturenetwork.org
Open Public Space http://www.publicspace.org
Open Street http://www.mysociety.org/projects/fixmystreet
Open Transport http://www.mysociety.org/projects/fixmytransport
Open Property http://www.makeloveland.com
Open Recycling http://www.freecycle.org
Open City http://www.theopensourcecity.com
Open Continent http://www.asktheeu.org
Open Flight http://www.openpilot.org & http://www.openflights.org & http://www.makerplane.org
Open Boat http://opensourceecology.org/wiki/Triloboat
Open Vehicle http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Open-source_car

Open Community
Open Jobs / Human Resources (HR) http://www.hropenstandards.org
Open Fashion http://www.os-fashion.com & http://www.thecreatorsproject.vice.com/blog/a-fashion-designer-is-creating-the-worlds-first-open-sourced-3d-printed-dress
Open Politicians http://www.mysociety.org/projects/parliamentarymonitoring/theyworkforyou
Open Artificial Intelligence http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_artificial_intelligence_projects

Open Exploration
Open NASA http://www.open.nasa.gov
Open Space http://www.spacehack.org/category/open-source
Open innovation http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Open_innovation
Open invention http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Open_Invention_Network
Open Travel http://www.wikivoyage.org
Open Couchsurfing http://www.bewelcome.org

If you would like to submit or help enhance the Open Awards please contact http://www.whymandesign.com

10+ of the best Awards from around the world?

The Nobel Peace Prize http://www.nobelprize.org/nobel_prizes/peace/
Ted Prize http://www.ted.com/participate/ted-prize
The X Prize http://www.xprize.org
Open Government Prize https://www.challenge.gov
Google Global Impact Awards https://www.google.org/global-impact-awards
Microsoft Youth Prize https://www.youthsparkchallenge.com
Charity Awards http://www.charityawards.co.uk
Philanthropy Awards http://www.carnegiemedals.org
The Darwin Awards http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Darwin_Awards
LOTS more awards at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_prizes,_medals_and_awards

What simple and proven ways are there that anyone can use to improve everyones lives?

1. Lifehacking… How best to help everyone learn new techniques for life?
http://www.ted.com Inspiring talks from science?
http://www.lifehacker.com Ways to enhance the way you live?
http://www.themindunleashed.org Ways to enhance how you use your mind?
http://www.webiversity.org Ways to share free education for everyone?

2. How is the news/media/advertising making the world depressed and slowing down progress and innovation because it is fixated on negative news stories and glamorized/Photoshopped fake advertising dreams?! How best to help all news agencies cover all the news openly so they cover exciting good news stories as well as the negative tragic stories that they all tell now? Is the best way to make at least 50% of all news stories about positive things in the world?

How best to add value to news stories EG by adding petitions and donations to EVERY news story and also automatically donating for every second of coverage.

3. How best to constantly remind everyone about the proven free techniques that can make everyone happy and help everyone solve all problems eg by selflessly collaborating openly as that makes you happy and helps everyone (EG how to break the egotistical selfish cycle)? http://webiversity.magnify.net/video/Amy-Cuddy-Power-Poses

4. Why has the internet and tech startups not solved almost every problem that humanity has yet as the network effect and computers should have enabled everyone to solve the problems by now? Is this because selfish interests have made startups compete for profit rather than collaborate on open ways to solve problems in a collaborative way just like the way the Net and Web were created/intended? http://webiversity.magnify.net/video/Michio-Kaku-Are-We-Ready-For-th;search%3Atruth

5. How best to help everyone solve all problems using the potential of computers and the internet/web? Is the best way to remind and teach all startups and business leaders to selflessly help everyone so they collaborate on solving the worlds problems? Is there a way to automatically do this above and beyond http://www.ted.com

EG http://webiversity.magnify.net/video/Buffett-tax-is-not-class-warfar;search%3Acharity

6. Free ways to enhance any activity/product/service?
A. Enhance any events so they do good EG collecting donations for charities on Halloween/Christmas…
B. Design any event/activity so that it has extra positive effects EG making april fool jokes highlight crazy part about our society…
C. Open up any activity so that the community own it as they then will care what your doing and enhance it.
D. Make sure what your doing is the most effective way of doing it as most activities/products/services are not.

7. How best to help save failed startups so they benefit everyone EG http://www.blueseed.co which could be enhance by creating an armada of charity tech startup hubs on existing charity aid boats around the world. More at…http://whymandesign.wordpress.com/2014/01/08/helpall-with-innovation-semesteratsea-merchships-peaceboat-tallships-armada-webiversity-os-cc-nfp-charity-rsa-gov-tedx-2/

8. What are the best ways to help everyone step back and look at what they are doing with their time so that everyone can make the most of their lives EG using the 80/20 rule as 20% of what you do in life takes up 80% of your time… http://webiversity.magnify.net/video/TEDsuX-Academic-criticises-TED;search%3Atime

9. How best to crowdfund everything sustainably in open responsible ways?
One way is for everyone to set up their own decentralised crowdfunding campaigns so that everyone can solve every problem independently…
A. Find the most important problems that you want to solve using your talents/contacts/resources and search online for solutions that already exist.
B. Search for ways to solve the problems and if none exist brainstorm simple ways to solve them with friends. Then write a post online about it and share on social media so you can collaborate with others (ideally find a self sustaining solution so that it can pay for itself long term).
C. Create your own crowdfunding campaign (in minutes) to fund the solution that you want to create and share on social media.
D. Share your experience and help others to do the same for other problems/solutions.
Even more details here http://whymandesign.wordpress.com/2013/09/

& http://whymandesign.wordpress.com/2011/06/03/simple-solutions-to-helpall-creatively-innovate-to-solve-problems-webiversity-os-cc-nfp-gov-tedx-bigsociety-yeswecan/

10. As crowdfunding is going through a boom/goldrush period with everyone creating their own similar versions of crowdfunding software how best to help everyone collaborate?

11. What are the best ways to help create, nurture and save all existing and new tech startups so they can be run as responsible self sustaining social enterprise charities? http://whymandesign.wordpress.com/2013/12/05/save-95-of-productservicestatups-from-failure-eg-run-as-os-charity-50-best-crowdfund-orgs-nfp-impinv-socent-gov-tedx-rhok-battleofideas-transeuropa/

12. What other/new outside the box/culture ways are there of helping everyone?http://whymandesign.wordpress.com/2011/04/07/creatively-helpall-with-innovation-semesteratsea-merchships-peaceboat-tallships-armada-webiversity-os-cc-nfp-charity-rsa-gov-tedx-bigsociety-yeswecan/

13. What are the best ways to compare and contrast independent and diverse voices and let them break into the mainstream to help every culture open up to different opinions/techniques so we all can learn/evolve and become more tolerant? Share the best free viral educational videos? EG http://webiversity.magnify.net/video/Juan-Enriquez-Financial-Crisis

14. What are the best ways to help everyone learn faster so that everyone stops holding back the enhanced evolution of society in responsible ways? http://webiversity.magnify.net/video/Top-10-Life-Lessons-Last-Lectur

15. How best to instantly enhance all spending so that it does the most good for the most people by using proven and new creative innovation (rather than spending on the same old techniques/technology that do not solve problems)? Is the best way to open up all spending in responsible accountable ways so they can be enhanced by everyone in responsible ways? EG Open all government/political/commercial spending/contracts http://webiversity.magnify.net/video/AlcaholTobaccoDrug-use-How-gove;search%3Agov

Digital marketing and social media can be used in so many extra proven and new ways just by enhancing any Social Media Strategy to do this. We can help you enhance any marketing campaign using proven and new digital marketing techniques that enable your customers to share your best work so you they and future customers can gain from this free content. For more details contact http://www.whymandesign.com

What are the best ways to make everyone’s life a beach?… EG by traveling/partying and creating your own crowdfunded charity run tech startups while living on a beach?

Below is a list of 10+ tips learned while traveling around different parts of the world that everyone should know and a free way for anyone to set up their own charity run enterprise anywhere in the world…

Here is just one video to inspire about Extreme Lifestyle Experiments too… http://webiversity.magnify.net/video/TEDxPhnomPenh-Colin-Wright-Extr;search%3Atravel

Why travel and what do you gain from traveling?

They say… “you are what you think”! So everyone can be anything they want by gradually changing the way they think. Traveling is one great way to do this by enabling anyone to try living in different ways in different cultures/countries…

What if you don’t have the confidence to travel on your own?
Persuade a friend to travel with you as you both will gain from it but be prepared to go in different directions at any point so you don’t cramp each others styles. One way to build up the confidence to travel alone/more is to take an hour, then evening, then day, then weekend and travel to a new part of your town on your own so you gradually build up your confidence exploring new location and meeting new people. Then book a week away on your own and finally book a budget flight and a hostel room and trial traveling to any location for as long as you want!…

What if you can not afford to travel?
Many people travel with a budget of almost zero cash by working in different bar/farm/office jobs around the world to pay for their living/travel expenses and couchsurf/hitchike which makes traveling cost almost nothing. You can also save money by renting out your room so you live off the rent that your saving plus many health/technology purchasing expenses are cheaper abroad which can save you the cost of your travels.

What if you don’t have the time or don’t want to travel (eg stuck in a mental rut that you can’t get out of)?
Why not try new things without traveling eg having a staycation or visiting different parts of your own town plus try mindfulness/meditation as you can think differently without moving! http://www.ted.com/talks/andy_puddicombe_all_it_takes_is_10_mindful_minutes?language=en

10+ top tips for traveling the world that everyone should know…
1. What are the best online & mobile travel advice guides that tell you where to stay and what to see/experience when traveling?

A. http://www.wikivoyage.org & http://www.travelwiki.org provide nice free simple details about where to stay and go in any location around the world which complement the http://www.lonelyplanet.com free travel website.
B. http://www.couchsurfing.org can be a great way to experience living with a local and you can find what is going on any day in any city eg https://www.couchsurfing.org/n/places/london-england-united-kingdom

http://www.bewelcome.org is an open source not for profit alternative.
C. Living in hostels is a great way to meet 10+ other travellers every day at a cost of just £10-20 a day. The easiest way to find the best places to stay is to ask fellow travellers or search using the most popular websites such as http://www.hostelworld.com http://www.booking.com http://www.hostelbookers.com
D. Anyone can find a room to rent for roughly £10 a night in almost any (emerging) city in the world by talking to the old ladiesmen that often stand by train stations looking to rent out their spare rooms. This can be a great way to put money in poorer (and more mature) peoples pockets and does not require websites such as http://www.airbnb.org

2. What are the best ways to get to as many festivals as possible for free?
We all know that Glastonbury and Burning Man are great festivals but they are very expensive and there are thousands of other great festivals all around at all times of the year that anyone can go to (and many are free).
A. As there are more great festivals than anyone can comprehend every year here is a list/map of festivals to choose from around the world http://www.festivalsearcher.com/festivalsmap.aspx
B. The Rainbow Festival/Gathering happens in many countries around the world and is a free festival/gathering where anyone can just turn up and share skills in a pass it forward open way. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rainbow_Gathering
C. Oxfam has set up its own free music festival called Oxjam in cities around the world (anyone can join and set up their own version) http://www.oxfam.org.uk/oxjam
D. You can make your own (or join a) Festival/Barcamp/Hackcamp in any location around the world on any day/weekend free (and do good while having fun)… http://www.barcamp.org

3. What are the best ways to do good when traveling?
A. Buying items from poor street sellers and donating to buskers are great ways of paying it forward instantly.
B. Volunteering and Woofing http://www.wwoofinternationa.org http://www.wwoof.net
C. Doing random acts of kindness and passing it forward eg http://www.freehugscampaign.org http://www.randomactsofkindness.org http://www.pifexperience.org
D. Take out cheap items to give to begging children eg pen’s and giving all your clothes away to poor people when you fly home (especially if you save on paying luggage fees).

4. What are the best ways to work or create a startup company traveling (as this saves you money and inspires you to do even more great work)?
A. Travelers from expensive countries can actually save as much if not more than they spend as the rental/living costs as they can be less than half or even 10% of the same costs back home…
B. May travelers start Woofing by offering their volunteering services in exchange for free board and lodging making travelling almost free. http://www.woofinternationa.org & http://www.wwoof.net
C. By working remotely/online and/or writing about travel experiences in your own blog this can enable you to expand your work/life/leasure/dreams and create new income streams by becoming a travel/lifestyle/leisure writer/blogger (the easiest way to do this is to blog about hostels as they often give you one nights free stay).
D. Many startups are being created in every country around the world so it makes economic and business sense to look at which country every startup is based in and work out if there are better places to be located to enhance the financial/cultural/environmental/social… aspects

of every part of work/life/play.

EG imagine if any individual or company relocated to a cheaper country in any continent EG Portugal in Europe they would be able to live/work/play saving over half their costs and gaining many extra enhancements from the inspiration created from living/working on a beach.

4. What are the best ways to travel as cheaply as possible so you can get the most for your money?
A. Hitchiking in pairs as many people do this around the world and enables anyone to travel at almost no cost.
B. Traveling by night train in cheap countries as this costs the same as paying for a hotel/hostel bed.
C. Flying from airport hub to hub in any route using budget airlines and only traveling with hand luggage as many flights are the same cost as a long taxi ride! http://www.skyscanner.net
D. Cycling with a tent around the world as this costs almost nothing and enables you to travel slower and see more over every mile (and quite a few people do this!).

5. What are the best ways to compare where to live/work/play/pray around the world… (where are the best places to startup a business around the world)?
EG What are the best ways to compare and contrast the best startup and innovation hubs from around the globe?
A. Work & startup spaces from around the world compared http://www.worldstartupwiki.org

& http://www.worldstartupreport.com & http://techcrunch.com/2012/04/10/startup-genome-compares-top-startup-hubs/
B. Why not collaborate with startups around the world doing good http://mashable.com/2013/08/19/social-innovations/
C. Be wary of locational/cultural/economic startup dangers around the world compared… http://theupstart.co/19211/the-startup-ecosystem-predator-vs-prey/

6. Traveling around the world in 60 seconds Guides…

Traveling around any city in 60 seconds
Most large cities are a great mix of Local culture with a hint of National culture and a large mix of global business/art/music/fashion culture…
A. Starting by finding out about the public transport travel cards as these enable you to see all the sights of any city in one day without walking all day (and you can sit and eat/drink while traveling between sights)
B. Stay in the art or arty hostels that are not in the lonely planet guides as they have extra art/music events and a more interesting mix of travelers and locals.
C. Find the free walking tours and the free pub crawls that happen every day so you can meet and learn from a wide range of people.
D. Eat as much local food where possible and try every unusual drink that you see just once as you may discover an amazing new drink (or just appreciate how great your home food/drink is)
E. Make sure you…
1. Take in the often hidden/overlooked local customs/fashion/graffiti
2. Buy food/drink for homeless people whenever you can as it stops hunger pains and makes you feel good!
3. Tip low paid workers as every penny/dollar counts.
4. Save on one or two big expenses so you can generously spend the money on many other cheaper expenses for you and others so you pay it forward…

A. Traveling around India in 60 seconds
Everyone says India changed their life but its not for the faint hearted…
A. Starting from; Deli, Mumbai or Goa use sleeper night trains to travel around as they are comfortable, cheap and enable you to travel while you sleep making travel easier than sleepwalking.
B. Stay in the official Youth Hostels as they are a great way to meet traveling Indians http://www.yhaindia.org
C. Take the buses to as many local shrines off the beaten track as they are often amazing and empty.
D. Eat as much amazing curry made by the local restaurants for a few pounds and drink as much chai tea which is almost free.
E. Make sure you…
1. Enjoy the idyllic beaches and and parties in Goa
2. Travel inland to discover relatively unknown temples and unknown wonders of the world such as Hampi.
3. Find and experience the many diverse traditional festivals that take over whole towns or mountains.
4. Experience the chaos of city life with the diverse differences and inequalities in health/wealth…
5. Try yoga at an ashram and/or talk to an old man/woman who could give some advice on life or become your guru (not to mention give you free hugs).

B. Traveling around Asia in 60 seconds
East Asia is the classic gap year beginners travel location to party and open up to the world…
A. Starting from and traveling to; Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos or Malaysia use the sleeper buses to travel around making sure you choose the ones that have fully reclining seats so you can get a full nights sleep making travel as easy as 123.
B. Stay in the hostels that are not in Lonely Planet as they are often more stylish with more open minded travelers in.
C. Eat as much of the local food from the cafes on the streets for a few pounds and the local drinks that are almost free (without ice).
D. Make sure you…
1. Swim/snorkel/surf, eat, sleep, rave, repeat on the best idyllic islands in Thailand especially Ko Tao, Ko Pha Ngan, Ko Phi Phi, Ko Chang…
2. Enjoy one of the many quieter temples by Angkor Wat from sunrise to sunset by sitting in the shade with water and food to take in the full effect and find the many hidden temples off the beaten track near many towns (And don’t do the tourist temples/activities).
3. Enjoy the fast changing towns and cities and venture out into the countryside to see the real rural communities even just by cycling along the coast/rivers from Phnom Penh to Ho Chi Min City…).

C. Traveling around East Europe in 60 seconds
East Europe is a great mix of east and west culture that is yet to be explored by many…
A. Starting from and traveling to; Croatia, Montenegro, Albania, Serbia, Bulgaria, Romania, Ukraine, Hungary use sleeper night trains to travel around as they are comfortable, cheap and enable you to travel while you sleep making travel easier than sunbathing.
B. Stay in the art or arty hostels that are not in the lonely planet guides as they have extra art/music events and a more interesting mix of travelers and locals.
C. Find the free walking tours and the free pub crawls that happen every day so you can choose the most interesting people to meet.
D. Eat as much seafood where possible and drink any beer you want for one pound a pint in every bar.
E. Make sure you…
1. See the delights of Dubrovnik’s fortified town in Croatia.
2. Admire the view from the castle and dance on the boats in Belgrade, Serbia
3. Swim in the beautiful fjord and party in Kotor old town in Montenegro.
4. See the relaxed mix of diverse cultures in Tirana, Albania.
5. Enjoy the hidden cultural diversity in Sofia, Bulgaria.
6. Soak up the sun on Bulgaria’s beaches from Varna’s stylish beach bars to raving on Sunny Beach and Golden Sands.

D. Traveling around London in 60 seconds
London is a massive safe clean city with a great mix of English culture with many areas of European culture and a large network of global business/art/music/fashion culture…
A. Starting by purchasing a day/week travel card as this enable you to see all the sights that you want to see in the city in one day without walking all day (and you can sit and eat/drink while traveling between sights)
B. Stay in the art or arty hostels that are not in the lonely planet guides as they have extra art/music events and a more interesting mix of travelers and locals.
C. Find the free walking tours and the free pub crawls that happen every day so you can meet and learn from a wide range of people.
D. Eat as much local food where possible and try every unusual drink that you see just once as you may discover an amazing new drink (or just appreciate how great your home food/drink is)
E. Make sure you…
1. Tin the often hidden/overlooked local customs/fashion/graffiti
2. Buy food/drink for homeless people whenever you can as it stops hunger pains and makes you feel good!
3. Tip low paid workers as every penny/dollar counts.
4. Save on one or two big expenses so you can generously spend the money on many other cheaper expenses for you and others so you pay it forward…

7. Things to appreciate when traveling
A. What do you want to gain from traveling? EG enhance your: Soft skills EG gain self confidence, Hard skills eg learn to teach/trek/swim… or gain inspiration while discovering your life long passions…
B. One of the best/hidden things about traveling is where you learn to appreciate what skills and talents you and your friends have plus the best parts of your lifestyle in your home town/country.
C. The world is flat and everyone could be interconnected beyond Facebook but there is still so much to do to help the poor out of poverty especially as there are homeless and hungry people struggling in every city around the world.
D. Everything in life is relative be it success/fame/riches/beauty/talent/height/weight… and almost everyone is in their own cultural bubble that has convinced them that their way of living is the best way.
E. If your tired or sad when your back that’s a sign that your lucky enough to have had a great travel experience so you can use it to improve your life by making changes to your life from the things you learned when traveling?…

If you would like to know any more details or other areas of travel and work or know of any other better ways to do this please do contact via http://www.whymandesign.com

8. How best to create your own lifestyle/charity/tech startup business in days while traveling/partying?
A. Find the most important problems that you want to solve using your talents/contacts/resources and search online for solutions that already exist.
B. Search for ways to solve the problems and if none exist brainstorm simple ways to solve them with friends. Then write a post online about it and share on social media so you can collaborate with others (ideally find a self sustaining solution so that it can pay for itself long term).
C. Create your own crowdfunding campaign (in minutes) to fund the solution that you want to create and share on social media.
D. Share your experience and help others to do the same for other problems/solutions.
Even more details here http://whymandesign.wordpress.com/2013/09/

& http://whymandesign.wordpress.com/2011/06/03/simple-solutions-to-helpall-creatively-innovate-to-solve-problems-webiversity-os-cc-nfp-gov-tedx-bigsociety-yeswecan/

If you would like more information or help solving problems creatively or doing any of the above contact http://www.whymandesign.com and watch http://www.webiversity.org for more inspiration.

You have won a (priceless) prize which is at least one Free Hug… & 10 free new ways to help everyone… Remember to pass it forward at least twice so it scales…

1. What are the best ways to help everyone action free open ideas that can benefit everyone EG Free Hugs or just smiling and helping everyone as it makes you happier too?!

2. How best to help everyone & all organisations automatically help everyone as the more you give the more you get (in happiness/love/riches…:) EG give surplus stock/items/waste to charity to sell so they get value added…

3. How best to help company give one percent or more of their profit to charity as they can make even more profit by doing this? EG building on the Project RED and http://www.opencorporates.org to help everyone learn this…

4. How best to help all companies and people automatically help charities in innovative proven ways? Eg making all activities do good and enhancing corporate social responsibility (CSR) in proven innovative ways? Eg creating charity run tech startups using open source software.

5. As all we need can be found on the web how best to help everyone discover what they want/need to learn AND do it? EG share everything good online so everyone you know/like benefits.

6. Together we all make the web work so are all part of the supercomputer that the web is becoming like cogs in a machine or ants in a hill…

7. How best to protect and help everyone learn to evolve from the out of date selfish/ignorant childish mindset that self harms to the selfless/enlightened mindset that solves all problems as everyone can learn to have everything eg by sharing positive viral videos http://www.webiversity.org

8. How to help everyone crowdfund the best solutions to all problems right now? Is the best way to crowdfund everything openly with one click eg http://www.catarse.me & http://www.drumbeat.org so everyone can collaborate?

9. What are the best free techniques to enhance any organisation or even capitalism/money/greed to turn any negative vice into positive virtues… EG help shareholders make all companies become Innovative Social Enterprise so they solve problems effectively as all problems can be solved now that everyone is linked by the web/internet.

10. If you would like to volunteer or be paid to help everyone contact http://www.whymandesign.com saying what group needs most help, and how you can help them most.

What are the best free techniques to solve any problem right now so you have fun and do good as we are all amazing and flawed and have all we need by sharing everything responsibly

What would happen if anyone started giving one extra thing away every day (be it a free hug or unwanted food, toy/tool…) for free AND importantly asking the recipiant to pass it forward many times. This can be done easily by sharing/offering anything for free on social media just like http://www.freecycle.org does but in public so everyone can see it EG OpenFreeCycle (and if too shy to do why not write on the object and leave it in a public place)… Would that one person create their own positive selfless butterfly effect while also making themselves happy every day? Maybe try giving a used book or free hug to a friend/stranger saying pass it forward…

Imagine if everything we think we know is wrong or just so primative that it is as good as being wrong. As history has shown us over and over again that history repeats itself in different ways as humans constantly learn how little we knew in the past, know now and probably will ever know?! This is all relative to the almost infinate amount of information/knowledge that we could/can learn in the future of space/time…

As this is probably inconceivable to all of us how best to cope and thrive with these concepts? Is the best way to love and care for everyone including ourselves selflessly & responsibly as it is effectively 100% probable that no one knows anything and we are all just trying to survive/cope/thrive?

How best to help anyone enhance any technology openly for the benefit of everyone? Is the best way to create free compatible technologies that anyone can automatically enhance in any way they want in open decentralised ways in order to prevent power corrupting anyone/everyone

as we are all equal but some are more equal than others?

EG How best to enhance existing organisations such as http://www.Mozilla.org http://www.Wikimedia.org http://www.freecycle.org And the entire web or internet of things… EG Using software such as http://www.catarse.org to crowdfund groundbreaking & simple solutions such as http://www.tiddlywiki.org so that everyone can own their own personal web responsibly preventing power corrupting…

EG How best to help selfless responsible open collaboration/hack events and organisations such as http://www.wikimania.org self fund so that they can enhance every organisation responsibly in a sustainable way that effectively innovates to benefit everyone?

Is the best way to help everyone automatically collaborate openly on any web page so we can all learn from each other responsibly in a positive spiral of success/learning/wisdom… with simple p2p software that secures personal data privately for ever just like our identity/id/personality/dna?! How best to do this responsibly so everyone is protected fairly?

What are the best ways to help the most people with the money that we spend anyway? Is the best way to buy items that benefit the most people EG by going on holiday to emerging countries and buying items from non tourist shops and street merchants you can buy more for your buck/euro/pound/yen and your funds help more poor local people work out of poverty.

Why should anyone not live in emerging countries for their education and work/startup and retirement as you instantly become rich with a couple of hundred euros (compared to a dollar a day). This automatically helps the most people even if you fail in your education/startup/work/retirement so is a win win. You also can buy property cheap saving on rent and then earn income from adding value to it.

What are the best ways to help make every person/organisation automatically serve everyone in the best ways? Are the best ways to help every person and organisation do this by sharing free techniques that can only be used to benefit everyone responsibly free? EG By sharing everything we have and passing it forward we can solve all problems. We are also all indebted to all our ancestors for inventing the great inventions that save our lives every day from fire to philosophy so it is everyones duty to try to pay back a tiny part of the indebtedness by passing as much forward responsibly as we can. How best to help remind everyone about this EG by sharing free techniques for life such as mindfulness/meditation…

How best to help everyone get free funding to solve any problem right now so we all have fun and do good as we are all amazing and flawed and have all we need by sharing everything responsibly?

How best to help everyone get free funding to solve any problem right now so we all have fun and do good as we are all amazing and flawed and have all we need by sharing everything responsibly?

1. All you have to do is read and share this post on social media saying what problem you want to solve (and why its the most important problem) and how you are the right person to solve it stating what resources/skills/contacts… you have and need. Also ask your friends/family/foes/friends you have not met yet… to share it so anyone can help you help everyone. (if you want any help and/or funds/resources/contacts from me do this by contacting me via Facebook http://www.whymandesign.com)

2. How best to help everyone help everyone automatically help everyone the most? Yes we can (and are already doing this with the web)

Is the best way for everyone to openly share everything so everyone learns to become mindful and get pleasure from sharing everything making everyone happy & able to survive/thrive in our new interconnected world?

3. What are the best ways to help everyone reinvent everything in the most efficient/effective ways as the internet enables us all to do this at no cost?

For example how best to help anyone reinvent Wikipedia/Mozilla or the web in effective and safe ways?

Is the best way to run open innovation hack camps such at http://www.wikimania.org or even enable anyone to set up and run their own in any way they want such as http://www.barcamp.org or Unconferences…

4. What are the best ways to help everyone get funding to use their talents/skills/passions to help everyone the most/effectively?

Is the best way to enable everyone to successfully crowdfund anything that benefits everyone in a cumulative sum gain?

http://www.Mozilla.org tried this with http://www.drumbeat.org and it would be great to help save and enhance this open source not for profit crowdfunding platform with http://www.catarse.org and http://www.wikimedia.org eg with http://www.wikimania.org so that all problems can be solved by everyone together.

5. What are the best ways to help the ying of competition/selfishness and the yang of collaboration/selflessness help each other to find the third way which has probably always been there?

Is the best way to help selfish competition learn to become selfless/responsible like a parent as we are all related through a million… evolutionary births? And the selfless/collaboration learn to become more selfish/active like a child demanding that all problems are solved right now as the internet enables this?

6. As we are all one together linked by technology to become one giant supercomputer how best to make the most of what we have, who we are and what we can all become?

Is the best way to help everyone share everything so we all learn to become selfless like we (probably) all once were in peacefull nomadic tribes and often are in rural natural communities?

7. As the internet and singularity enables everyone to learn to enjoy all everyone has/are how best to help everyone learn this effectively/gradually?

Is the best way for everyone to learn to trust in your personality/skills/abilities that we all have as no one is the best or worst as there is always someone better/worse and they will never know. I/you/he/she/we/you/they will do the best we can if we all learn/share/allow ourselves to continue learning and changing as there will always be better ways to do everything in the infinate depths of space and time starting from right here right now… today.

8. As information/knowledge…computers and the web are built on open source ideas created by great men and women how come many of them get used in negative selfish ways and what are the best ways to protect everyone from this?

Is the best way to help everyone to learn from the free techniques that have been around for thousands of years that would enable everyone to make themself more enlightened/happy all the time by helping others by using/sharing meditation/mindfulness? More at http://www.webiversity.org

Please accept this open (startup/work/love/life) letter from anyone to everyone as we all are amazing and flawed and can have everything just by sharing all we have as we have all we need by loving everyone responsibly in a selfless infinate cumulative sum gain?

Please accept this open (work/love/life) letter from anyone to everyone as we all are amazing and flawed and can have everything just by sharing all we have as we have all we need by loving everyone responsibly in a selfless infinate cumulative sum gain?

Here is a poem about you!…

You are great, so is everyone else.
Love yourself and everyone else.
(best/worst/average poem ever)

By reading this you agree to love everyone responsibly and do no harm by openly helping everyone.

Everything is free but some things are more free than others?!

As we are indebted to our mutually shared ancesters for almost every piece of knowledge/wealth/dna/environment how best to help everyone learn this and pass it forward EG by sharing free techniques such as meditation http://www.webiversity.org

As the internet has linked everything up together we can/will solve all problems which means that cruel evolution has evolved into collaboration where everything is possible and selfish competition is obsolite so everyone can/should/will love everyone. Breath…

What are the best free techniques that everyone can use to share free love when they feel good and also to use to stop feeling bad (break negative cycles)? EG give anyone a free hug at any time and say pass it forward many times (why not pick them up and slowly swing them round or do a team hug:)

What are the best gifts that we can all give at no cost to help everyone remind themselves to relax and love everyone? Buddist Monks often bless peoples hands and tie a string bracelett around your wrist. What is to stop anyone/everyone doing this at any time to anyone?

What are the best ways to help enhance/reinvent what we already do so we help everyone? EG If you buy one get one free or buy a reduced item buy two and give one to a steanger saying pass it forward twice…

What are the best ways to enhance/reinvent the way systems work so they benefit everyone most? EG anyone can make an “iou” ( i owe you) but why not make a “I ❤ U” (i love/hear you) where you lend money and the person agrees to pass it forward at least two times (so the goodness scales exponentially to help everyone) and then informs you of who they helped so you have a growing network of contacts. http://www.lovetax.org

What are the best free ways we can all help everyone automatically at no cost? EG everyone can lend everything to everyone all the time and then pass it forward as sharing is caring as humans have done for all time. How best to do this eg by writing borrow me on things or enhancing www freecycle.org & http://www.wikipedia.org

What should everyone do as all problems can and will be solved now the internet links everyone/everything? Eg should everyone (not create startups/organisations/government as organisations are innert…) do what we all love and give it away asking for donations to cover their living costs… (if you like this pass it forward by helping many others and donate at http://www.webiversity.org plus get free money below!)

1. Can we all help enhance (and also fund if needed) your work/passion/love with responsible accountable selfless open crowdsourcing & crowdfunding? Or even better help everyone crowdsource & crowdfund everything selflessly by saving the 90-99% of failed startups/ideas/conversations such as http://www.drumbeat.org by running them a open source charities at zero cost (with volunteers…) as they can serve invaluable public services free eg by partnering with http://www.mozilla.org http://www.wikipedia.org

Do take a few seconds to read these few sentances as they are a free way to enhance any idea/project/startup…

2. How best to help everyone automatically set up their own crowdfunding platform as an open source decentralised charity as by donating the profits to innovative projects not only do we all save (our) lives with every pound/dollar/bitcoin… but also gain more interest/collaboration from the selfless and open source communities and therefore more success which means (counter intuatively) everyone gets richer with higher performance pay from a successful company than nothing from a (tech sartups have a 90-99% failure rate) highly probable failed company.

Also anyone can copy it using others free software if you dont and all big orgs will copy and scsle as that is what they do best. So by running as a charity you are protecting it from selfish interests much like Mozilla Wikipedia and the World Wide Web Foundation do. Do you have any contacts in these organisations or others interested in this that would like to read this?

Do reply with your positive thought here and on Facebook.

What is your dream? End hunger/illness…? Share it with everyone and ask them what theirs is too.

Free love x

P.S. the flowers are outside growing so go look and smell them but leave them for others to enjoy & plant more eg from fruit seed.

P.P.S Pass it forwars as sharing is caring and why not take a few minutes to make your own open love letter/poetry…

If you have a project or know someone who would like help enhancing their project or know a programmer who wants to be paid to do good please get in contact via facebook http://www.whymandesign.com

All the worlds a stage… so lets make it our fantasy by meditating to master our minds & loving everyone?

What things have always been so obviously in front of us that we can not see? unknown unknowns…

Eg How our mind/brain/ego/self/id is created from electric pulses or waves that we could do almost anything (and easily everything we need) with eg by meditating to master our mind/ego and turn vices and sin into virtues responsibly in an infinate selfless cumulative gain?!

In the land of the blind man the one eyes man is king? No eye deer!

We are all here, we have all we need, sharing is caring in open responsible and effective ways…

We dont know and prob can not comprehend how little we know compared to the probable infinately large & infinate dimensions of time/space/energy…?

As we have evolved as primative pleasure v pain animals but now have brains we can master how best to help everyone master their minds? For example less is more so always step back to enjoy what we have and make ourselves happier by helping others in clever responsible ways?

How best to help everyone create what we all love for free eg poetry about old techniques to help all eg

Romantic Feminist… Where all men are taught to have total respect and worship women as godesses by responsibly learning to do what women want but dont know and vica versa… eg secret knowledge of seduction using techniques that turn on humans out of date animal sexual attraction so all love & orgasm every day safely and have total human rights and happiness…

Eg Everyone is married where the ladies choose so everyone is happy… How to automaticaly do this now responsobly eg on social media by asking all ladies to set everyone up?

As power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely… How best to protect everyone from known and unknown dangers? Eg give everyone independant control of their own copy of everything so we can all openly collaborate in selfless ways and prevent absolute control.

How best to action simple and proven techniques that help everyone for free? eg share everything selflessly like a responsible parent…

How best to help everyone learn about their talents and failures responsibly so the actions that we all do that cause negative effects can be stopped? Eg how to help everyone self diagnose and regulate/control mental/physical health problems that some/many/all of us have eg vices/sins/syndromes? Is the best way to share viral videos explaining about these eg http://www.webiversity.org

Open Free Web = everyone + all info are linked = everyone can learn + become enlightened?! = All problems solved + everyone can doshare everything we all love = We have all that we need

Open Free Web = everyone + all info are linked = everyone can learn + become enlightened?! = All problems solved + everyone can doshare everything we all love = We have all that we need

1. The open neutral web can link everyone on the planet to almost every piece of information.
2. This will enable everyone to learn and share as much as they can/want so everyone can learn to become enlightened.
3. This will make everyones lives happier by sharing everything openly as we have all we need right now.
4. This means that it is inevitable that all humans will have everything they need just by learning to become happy by being selfless and sharing everything.
5. Everyone also can solve all problems by crowdfunding solutions to all problems in open source creative commons ways?!
6. This means that the only thing that anyone has to do is to do what everyone loves and share it with everyone.

The Best Things In Life are Free But Have Some Free Money?!… & Also But More Importantly Than Money/Success/Fame… You Become What you Choose to Think?!
A. As the best things in life are free, how best to help everyone share everything for free (especially as the internet allows every individual to share anything infinitely for free)? http://webiversity.magnify.net/video/PopTech-2009-Social-Innovati-19;search%3Aopen

Everyone can have $100 of free share vouchers legally (As in free beer) as a free reward for sharing and helping everyone so read further down…

B. As the mobile internet enables everyone on the planet to access and learn from any source at any time in any place for free (and share it with their social network) this means that the network effect will enable everyone to have and share everything which enables almost infinite possibilities and therefore almost infinite growth/change. How best to help everyone make the most of this right now? http://webiversity.magnify.net/video/Michio-Kaku-Are-We-Ready-For-th


C. As every problem can be solved right now using proven techniques and technology and the power of the internet to link and share everything in selfless decentralised open source creative commons ways, how best to help everyone do this responsibly? http://webiversity.magnify.net/video/Buffett-tax-is-not-class-warfar

D. How best to help everyone learn from the mistakes of the past and the cyclical process that life the universe and everything goes through to protect everyone from the dangers of the past (history repeats itself), present and future?

E. As humanity has constantly improved/innovated beyond our expectations/comprehension what can and will be achieved in the next 2/5/10/25/50/100… years and how best to help everyone achieve even more eg by sharing everything in open source and creative common ways which could/can/will solve all problems? http://www.nowandnext.com/?action=misc&subaction=trend_maps

F. What are the most important problems for humanity to solve and which are the best ways to solve them that benefit everyone?

G. How best to help give everyone free reliable tools and techniques so everyone can help everyone?
Is the best way to help anyone crowdsource and crowdfund anything in responsible open source selfless ways eg http://www.catarsse.me ? http://whymandesign.wordpress.com/2013/09/04/compare-help-the-50-best-crowdfunding-crowdsourcing-organisations-helpall-eg-openlife-webiversity-nfp-socent-gov-tedx-rhok-2/

H. What are the best ways to protect everyone and everything from selfish vested interests? For example how to protect all the commons from the tragedy of the commons in the land/sea/earth/sky/space/time/ideas/data/genetics/life… Is the best way to use proven techniques that manage all commons with responsible evolving open independent governing rules and bodies? http://webiversity.magnify.net/video/AuthorsGoogle-Alan-Gregerman;search%3Aself

I. What are the most exciting techniques/technology/advances and how can everyone be enabled to collaborate with them? Eg What are the best ways to help organisations like these collaborate?
1. Open Source Software – http://www.mozilla.org http://www.wikimedia.org http://www.miro.org
2. Open Source Crowdfunding – http://www.catarse.me
3. Open Source Money/Currency – http://metacurrency.org/ http://www.Bitcoin.org http://auroracoin.org http://www.maxcoin.org http://www.coinmarketcap.com
4. Open Source Ecology/Farming – http://opensourceecology.org/
5. Open Source Healthcare/wellbeing – http://opensource.com/life & http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_open-source_healthcare_software
6. Trading tools/techniques – How best to protect everyone from mismanagement eg Finance/debt https://www.tradingfloor.com/posts/infographic-world-debt-crisis-1376767578

7. Here is one free way for anyone to get $50-100 in free share vouchers! All you have to do is sign up for the first $50 and then sign up to follow someone else free on the site for the second $50 here http://ow.ly/yw0Ux This means that you can invest in Bitcoins (or any share/stock) at no risk without owning bitcoins (and tech startups) at no cost to yourself!

J. What are the best ways to help existing organisations (such as government/companies R&D/innovation budgets) to use their time/talents/resources/funds on solving global problems in selfless ways that will then solve their personal selfish problems in a more effective ways? For example how best to help existing research and development (in health/farming/defense) to be shared with everyone so that everyone can use the knowledge to help everyone in the most beneficial (open source) ways? http://webiversity.magnify.net/video/TEDxDuke-Daniel-Wong-on-Realist;search%3Aarmy

K. What are the best ways to help everyone set up their own charity run startup and share their own content in any way anyone wants to with freedom of speech/expression?
EG create and share your favorite Karaoke songs at http://www.ikaraoke.org

L. What are the best ways to enhance global events such as World Cups, Festivals, conferences, clubs, Olympics, Paralympics, Winter Olympics, Formula One, Rugby, Cricket… so that they benefit everyone?
Are the best ways to share and help local solutions to problems from around the world? EG Help http://www.socialab.com & http://www.catarse.me help everyone?

M. How do emotions rules our lives and how best to manage them so everyone can enjoy every second of life?

N. How best to help everyone to learn to enhance their mind with mindfulness? http://prafulla.net/wp-content/sharenreadfiles/2013/05/447379/Mindfulness-Meditation-Infographic.jpg

O. How best to help everyone to become aware of and learn to be happy? https://i0.wp.com/cdn50.networx.com/media/960×3400/art_4fe9e08cd3b44.jpeg

P. How best to help everyone learn about life… EG the growth/confidence loop and how this happens with all investments and how to protect everyone from this?

Q. How best to live/travel at almost no cost?
Hitch hiking has gone out of fashion but many people do it safely all over the world by traveling in pairs.
http://www.travelwiki.org has free up to date tips on where to stay and what to do.
http://www.couchsurfing.org for free places to stay and http://www.airbnb.com to pay to say with locals.
http://www.rome2rio.com shows rough prices for the cheapest ways to travel.
http://www.skyscanner.net/ compares the cheapest flight prices.

What are the best free ways to make everyones lives even better with almost no cost/effort? As open free creativity and different thinking always has/will help humans solve all problems, how best to help everyone do this? http://webiversity.magnify.net/video/TEDxTeen-Jeremy-Heimans-Aim-Hig;search%3Asolve

A. 10+ best ways to enhance your/everyones life for free with almost no effort/time are listed in the 10+ points below (do share and offer suggestions to enhance the list:)?! http://webiversity.magnify.net/video/Amy-Cuddy-Power-Poses

As most jobs do not enable people to solve the cause of most problems simply how best to help everyone do this while earning an income? Is the best way to help everyone invent their own job? So… Here is a job offer you can not refuse…

If you would like to be paid to solve the most important problems that effect all humans then please contact http://www.whymandesign.com saying what you would like to solve and what the best way to do this is plus how much it will cost. Eg help educate/empower everyone to solve all problems with free video http://webiversity.magnify.net/video/Kevin-Starr-Lasting-Impact;search%3Aproblem

Also check out this infographic on how people are/not happy and how to change so everyone can be even happier for free (the best things in life are free:)http://hooplaha.com/2014/04/the-science-of-happiness-infographic/ (Do pass it forward by sharing the info with everyone you know so they can benefit too and ask them to pass it forward too.)

Humans have constantly invented and improved our lives beyond our imagination (as long as we continue to prevent/end drought/famine/disease/war) and will continue to do so with the internet/hardward/software/wetware so all problems we have can and will be solved with open selfless collaboration…

1. Improve your perfectly imperfect body/mind in 30 seconds! The 30 second body/life/week?!
Would you like to make your body even fitter and enhance your mind so you perform even better and live longer with almost no effort in 30 seconds while waiting for the kettle to boil?

Everyone can enhance what they are doing and improve their body by taking 30 second breaks every time they are waiting for the kettle to boil in the morning, during the day and evening by doing 15+ sittups and pressups (with knees of the floor to protect your body). Attach a note to the kettle handle so it reminds you and anyone else every time you use the kettle. This pumps blood around your you body so makes your brain work better so you enjoy what your doing more and tones your body while helping you to sleep and gives you more energy to play. http://webiversity.magnify.net/video/Top-10-Life-Lessons-Last-Lectur

Everyone can do this anywhere so find a space and put up a sign saying something like “yoga/Gym space” explaining what to do and use cushions or a yoga mat to sit on. Why not also make a free http://www.trustlibrary.org in seconds while your at it so everyone can share free books?

2. Automatically share everything online so everyone learns and passes it forward. This can be done instantly by sharing other peoples facebook PAGES so your friends will get all the future updates and not just one post. eg https://www.facebook.com/lifehacker

& https://www.facebook.com/openculture or on Twitter create your own free paper so you can automatically share everyones great work with http://blog.paper.li

3. Match friends/strangers up by introducing them anywhere especially on social media so you become a living angel/cupid/networker and can make two+ people share/collaborate/love for the rest of their lives?! And look for and tell everyone about the good things about them as we all become the good things that our peers tell us we are?! Plus encourage all men and women to go up to and chat up people they like so everyone can take anyone out on a date (as the modernist equality age should and does let everyone do this). http://webiversity.magnify.net/video/Jessica-Jackley-Poverty-money-a;search%3Athink

4. Watch and share viral videos that teach you something every day so we can all learn to master our vices and virtues so we can train our minds to release natural drugs that make us happy all the time with meditation eg http://webiversity.magnify.net/video/AlcaholTobaccoDrug-use-How-gove

& https://www.facebook.com/TED

5. Listen and share as many great songs as you can as everything has been done before and probably been written/sung about eg https://www.facebook.com/JAMENDO

& http://search.creativecommons.org/

6. Ask about everything on Google/Facebook as everything is there to be found?! (depending on your locations openness/laws/dangers!) https://duckduckgo.com/ http://webiversity.magnify.net/video/Buffett-tax-is-not-class-warfar

7. Protect everyone from mental/physical/cyber dangers. Eg with free anti virus software http://www.avast.com/en-gb/store

or how to master your mind and protect from negative meems?! http://webiversity.magnify.net/video/Your-ultimate-enemy-your-person

8. What you think and the way you act is what you become?! Smile, Stand up and Share! Like a blank piece of paper whatever you think is what your life becomes. If you think negatively half empty negative depressive pessimistic thoughts then you make your life that way?! But everyone can take 30 seconds to stop and think positively half full optimistic thought. http://webiversity.magnify.net/video/Amy-Cuddy-Power-Poses

9. Use the 80/20 rule to make the most of the most valuable asset in your life which is your time by stopping doing the things that take up most of your time (Eg chasing vices that give you a drug kick likc fame/fortune/sex/drugs/music)… And read these… https://archive.org/details/Think_and_Grow_Rich

and https://archive.org/details/Law_Of_Success_in_16_Lessons

10. Stand up to and walk away from negative people or haters in a responsible way so they know why they are unpopular as they will learn by this and will not negatively effect your life. http://webiversity.magnify.net/video/Transactional-Analysis-1-ego-st

11. By walking every day your body pumps blood around your whole body and exercises your mind (just by the balance needed to walk!). Importantly it also helps anyone to slow down and appreciate the beauty of nature/life all around us which helps us enjoy every second and appreciate how lucky we are to be alive now. http://webiversity.magnify.net/video/Elizabeth-Dunn-Happiness-and-Mo;search%3Athink

12. Wake up even more energized every day by doing what you love and maximising your sleep by making sure you wake up at the best time in your sleep cycle which lasts 1.5 hours so either sleep 6, 7.5 or 9 hours at a time. http://webiversity.magnify.net/video/AuthorsGoogle-Sara-Mednick;search%3Agoogle

Also… What do the meanings from age old stories mean and how can they help us all learn about the life from our ancestors Eg the 7 Dwarfs being about your mind/ego and the 7 states and/or 7 learning styles which scientists have discovered exist. How best to help everyone learn to use all their 7 personality/learning styles so we can all enjoy life fully be it singing/dancing with pride be it just in the shower… http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/11/12/the-real-story-behind-eve_n_4239730.html


B. “Yes we can” solve all problems right now as the internet links everyone on mobiles with crowdfunding?!
As the internet connects everyone and everything how best to make the most of this so that everyone can exceed everyones expectations beyond our imaginations in counter intuitive ways? http://webiversity.magnify.net/video/Buffett-tax-is-not-class-warfar

Is the best way to help educate everyone so we all learn from each other about how to master our minds so we can all be ecstatically happy all the time by selflessly helping others and meditating? http://webiversity.magnify.net/video/Por-qu-hacemos-lo-que-hacemos;recent

C. What is the best way to help fund everyone/programmers so that we/they can make open source not for profit charity run startups that help benefit everyone like Wikipedia/Mozilla and groundbreaking new ways that are very possible (but may not be possible with a for profit mentality) while also protecting everyone from selfish interests? Is the best way to help everyone crowdfund everything openly in open source creative commons ways? Eg http://catarse.me/en & https://www.thrinacia.com/ http://webiversity.magnify.net/video/Michio-Kaku-Are-We-Ready-For-th

D. What are the best ways to share the most accurate information on the web so that everyone can automatically access and learn from the correct scientific information in easily accessibly ways? Is the best way to help enhance the existing inforomation sources such as http://www.wikipedia.org so that they can share information across all platforms automatically in accessibly ways? Eg sharing accurate health and news information?

E. How best to help link all organisations so everyone can collaborate openly eg
1. Wikipedia/Wikimedia is too big to fail so how best to enable everyone to enhance the product/service as it could have been the google/facebook/flickr/twitter/instegram but is not! http://blog.wikimedia.org/c/technology/labs/

2. Catarse as they have created open source crowdfunding software that everyone COULD use but the main platform is only in spanish http://catarse.me/en
3. TED have proven yet another high growth not for profit model but how to help them openly collaborate with everyone? http://blog.ted.com/
4. Mozilla opened up the web with Firefox but how to help the original open source web browser collaborate with others such as Chrome so they will all be open source and creatively innovate for ever? http://blog.mozilla.org/labs/
5. Miro have proven that it is possible to create a legal and free open source peer to peer TV/video broadcasting platform How best to help link up software like this automatically with other software so any/everyone can use it? http://blog.getmiro.com/
6. Android’s Open Source software has saved mobile software from corporate ownership so how best to help everyone to enhance it with open innovation linking to the web? http://androidlabs.org/
7. Diaspora was launched by a group of school programmers and now runs as a not for profit open source social network to rival Facebook/twitter… How best to help everyone enhance this software in a decentralised responsible way? https://blog.diasporafoundation.org/
8. Bigcoin/Dogecoin/Metacurrency is chaning the way transactions are made. How best to enable everyone to use new transaction innovations as open innovation benefits everyone the most? http://metacurrency.org/
9. Blue chip social enterprise that have been around for hundreds of years and achieved so much already can help and benefit from all of the above. How best to help organisations such as TATA automatically collaborate with everyone as Tata is 2/3 owned by a charitable trust http://tatasechallenge.org/ http://www.srtt.org/about_us/overview.htm


F. How best to help manage new technology/techniques such as software/hardware/wetware/techniques/currencies so that they can benefit everyone equally and not an elite few at the expense/determent of everyone else eg by job losses?

G. How best to help protect everyone from profits being skimmed off profits and the public being forced to pay for organisations/societies losses but instead reverse these problems so everyone can share and enhance everything? Eg http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sharing_economy


H. How best to help everyone make the most of every second of life eg by helping everyone to learn to mediate so we can all train our minds to maximise our enjoyment of every second by training our minds to release pleasure drugs at will for free? http://webiversity.magnify.net/video/TED-Talks-Srikumar-Rao-Plug-int;search%3A

I. How best to help us all learn to love everyone in selfless positive ways as that makes us and everyone instantly happier and as existence is highly probably to make almost makes no difference within life the universe and everything shared happiness may be all we need?! http://webiversity.magnify.net/video/Instruction-manual-for-life-gre;search%3A

J. How best to help cultures/societies educate and empower everyone to creatively innovate in new ways to selflessly help everyone? Is the best way to share the best free open creative ideas to inspire everyone to enhance/share them? http://webiversity.magnify.net/video/Jonah-Lehrer-Creative-Insights;search%3Acreative

K. How best to help everyone connect and relate to the different personality/learning styles, life experiences, cultures/etiquette, technology? http://webiversity.magnify.net/video/Ken-Robinson-nvmntul-se-afl-ntr

L. How best to help everyone enhance their learning through life so we can keep up and cope with technology as it continues to grow exponentially beyond the singularity? http://webiversity.magnify.net/video/Athenes-Theory-of-Everything-Yo;search%3A

M. How best to help everyone see and solve known known, known unknown, unknown known and unknown unknown problems? http://webiversity.magnify.net/video/Michio-Kaku-Are-We-Ready-For-th;search%3Afuture

Do share as “sharing is caring” and also suggest positive improvements to http://www.whymandesign.com

20+ ways we can solve all problems with open source ideas & crowdfunding everything now?
How best to help everyone solve all problems right now with simple techniques that are proven to work? Eg open source crowdfunding so we can party and improve/save/extend everyones lives?!

1. Open Ideas for everyone?
As all problems can be solved with free open source ideas right now what are the best ways to help educate, inspire and empower everyone to create and share free open ideas for everyones benefit? Is the best way to share open viral videos so everyone can learn the free techniques that have been around for thousands of years to make the most of every second of life? http://webiversity.magnify.net/video/Por-qu-hacemos-lo-que-hacemos;search%3Aide

2. Open Source crowdfunded solutions to every problem?
As everyone can learn to invent solutions to every problems using the super computer that is our brain, how best to help everyone to automatically crowdfund anything and manage the creative process and things that we all produce so that they are managed/shared in the most effective ways to benefit everyone eg in open source ways? http://webiversity.magnify.net/video/The-Brain;search%3Abrain
(Do watch the videos above as they explain how amazing the mind is and how little we know about our capabilities:)

3. What are the best Infographics about the worlds problems that we can all share to help everyone appreciate what they have and help everyone solve the problems? http://50.usaid.gov/infographic-household-game-changers/ws-usaid-final4-01sm/?size=infographicMedium

4. What are the best ways to fund everyone from rich to poor (whatever dimension that is from health/wealth/time/location/social/emotional/intellectual/creative) to

solve the worlds problems in ways that can scale openly so everyone can collaborate right now? http://webiversity.magnify.net/video/Michio-Kaku-Are-We-Ready-For-th

5. What are the best ways to help all cultures/etiquette to support and reward diversity and open creative innovation as that creates the solutions to all our problems by the artist/musicians/scientists/inventors thinking differently Eg the “yes man” positive selfless helping others mentality? Is the best way to share viral video that helps everyone learn about the importance of open creative collaboration? http://webiversity.magnify.net/video/Where-Do-Good-Ideas-Come-From

6. As the web and internet and internet of things has changed everything just by connecting everything how best to reinvent everything so that we can solve all problems? Is the best way to reinvent charity so that it becomes self funding, sustainable and scalable? http://webiversity.magnify.net/video/Buffett-tax-is-not-class-warfar

7. What are the best ways to protect all ideas/inventions/discoveries so they can be used for the maximum benefit of everyone? Is the best way to educate everyone about the potential to help everyone with open source decentralised innovation? http://webiversity.magnify.net/video/Collective-